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Welcome to Toy Drawer Toys’ blog, where you’ll learn what you need to know about sex toys and sexual health. Part of our mission here is to encourage enhanced sexual health for everyone as an essential part of overall wellness.

We’ll share the world of sex toys, what they do and how to use them, and how they contribute to robust sexual health as part of holistic well being. Homeostasis is the physical balance we all seek, when all the systems of the body are working together seamlessly. Sexual health is part of that. When it’s out of balance with other bodily systems, overall health can suffer. We’d like to be part of a public impulse toward enhanced balance and wellness, through the use of sex toys and the sexual health they’re capable of restoring.

Sex Toy Blog Promoting Sexual Health

Too often, people believe that sexual health is an “extra”. Nothing could be further from the truth. This aspect of human health is as crucial as heart, lung, or mental health. In fact, sexual health contributes to all three of these human health factors.

Box Rocker is engineered to bring innovation to the world of sex toys, providing a sexual outlet that’s convenient, highly customizable, and whisper quiet. Versatile and adaptable to the needs of whoever chooses it as a dynamic alternative to conventional sex toys, Box Rocker is for everybody and every body.

The Sex Toy Blog For Everybody

We embrace the diversity of human sexuality at Top Drawer Toys, inviting everybody to bring their body to enhanced well being with the joy of sexual self-care. We believe it’s everyone’s right to feel their best and we know that sex is a big part of that.

So, settle in and enjoy our blog, offering reliable, straightforward information about sex toys and sexual health. Here’s to your health and to the happiness of a body in perfect balance.

Remote Sex Toy = More Fun!

Woman licks lips, hoping rose-shaped lollipop.

You have a remote for just about everything in your life these days it seems, changing the channel on the TV, opening the garage door, and so many other functions. But do you have a remote dildo? No? Well, for…

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What Is Female Ejaculation? (For Starters, it’s Normal)

Waterfall inside rocky ravine, lit by sun.

Known as “squirting”, female ejaculation is a subject of popular fascination. Only now beginning to be somewhat understood, female ejaculation has been misinterpreted and misrepresented since bursting into the modern public consciousness. Can all women squirt? Is squirting normal? Is…

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Fun With Lube!

Yellow and black sign cautions “slippery when wet”, with slipping figure.

Personal lubricant is more than a functional part of sex. Lube is fun! Slippery, slidy lube has been around since 1919, with the introduction of the venerable KY Jelly. But did you know that human beings have been using lube for…

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What Is Sex Positivity?

A double rainbow in a cloudy sky over a fertile field.

Sex is a human need, just like hunger or thirst. But for countless epochs, sexuality has been suppressed. But time has changed the narrative. We’ve come to understand sexuality as a diverse and complex expression of humanity that is intimately…

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5 Common Sexual Fantasies and Kinks

Monochromatic photo of woman in shadows in black bra and panties, holding riding crop

The ultimate state of sexual health is being at peace with your turn-ons and aligning with your partner to ensure you’re both getting what you need. Kinks and fantasies are all part of that. And while some of us may be reticent…

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Mind-Blowing Solo Sex Positions to Maximize Your Fun

Woman’s fingers with nails painted red, caress a halved honeydew melon.

Regular masturbation contributes to your overall health. When your sexual health is optimal, everything falls into place! So how can you up the ante? Top Drawer Toys offers these tips for masturbation to make your self-love sessions even more delightful.…

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BDSM Guide: How to Have Fun Safely

Hand with nails painted deep burgundy holds banana wrap in black duct tape.

Welcome to Top Drawer Toys handy BSDM guide to the basics and how to have fun safely in this fascinating corner of the sexual world. BDSM is a sexual practice combining bondage, discipline, domination, and sadomasochism. But BDSM encompasses a…

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How a Sex Toy Can Bring Couples Closer

Couple in an intimate moment as woman tickles man with flowers, lying on the ground.

There’s a common misconception among people who’ve never used sex toys that they can create friction in relationships. The fear is that one or both partners will become obsessed with the toy, losing interest in their human lover. As more…

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The Incredible Health Benefits of Orgasms

Couple laughing in bed

The power of the orgasm is intimately linked to sexual health. But your overall health benefits from orgasm too. In fact, the benefits of an orgasm are compelling for everyone, regardless of sex or gender identity. In this post, we’ll…

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Foreplay Tips for Men

Two hands touch at the fingertips against a light gray background.

It’s no secret that women’s sexual response differs from men’s. Women can take as long as 20 minutes to reach orgasm, while men can do so after only about 5 – 10 minutes. Many women don’t reach orgasm during intercourse but rely…

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Foreplay Tips for Women

Smiling woman piggybacking smiling man, both nude, against blue sky.

There are numerous ways to a man’s heart and good sex is part of keeping his heart happy. These foreplay tips will help you do that, changing the flavor and texture of your sex life. Slowing down the proceedings changes things because…

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How to Clean a Sex Toy

A hand holds a sex toy, while the other hand prepares to spray it with sex toy cleaner against a lavender background.

Whether you’re new to sex toys or you’re a seasoned pro, sex toy cleaning is an imperative. Think about it. Your sex toys have been places! Whether or not the places your sex toy or toys have been are part…

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