Whisper Quiet

The Whisper-Quiet Vibrator

Silence is golden, especially when you have pleasure on your mind. What you don’t need is a buzzy racket to accompany your fun. Rather, you need a discreet vibrator that doesn’t alert roommates and neighbors that you’re “busy”.

Meet Box Rocker, the stealthiest sex toy ever made. Box Rocker’s near-silent operation is achieved by its professional engineering. When in use, it’s extremely silent and that’s golden. When you’re seeking sexual release, you don’t need a power tool to find it. Let Box Rocker be your quiet fuck machine, ever ready and at your command.

Your Orgasms Are Your Business

The Box Rocker was developed by people who understand that a quiet vibrator is something a lot of people want. Just add a series of adjustable features and you have the whisper-quiet, portable sex machine you’ve always dreamed of, weighing in at only 2 pounds.

Your golden moments are your business, not the neighbors’ or your roommates’. This discreet vibrator supports both your enjoyment and your privacy with a breathy whisper.

Golden Moments. For Everyone

The golden moment of orgasm is for everyone. At Top Drawer Toys, we firmly believe in the health-enhancing benefits of orgasm. So, we make this peak experience more readily accessible with a whisper-quiet vibrator that’s at your command.

Choose your thrust depth to 3.5” inches and your favored stroke speed. With a radio frequency remote, you call the shots. This discreet vibrator is the sum of its features, including enough power to diligently power through your orgasms. Box Rocker is a revolution in sex machines that anyone can enjoy. This amazing adult toy inclusively rocks everyone’s world, dispensing the intense orgasms the human body craves.

Top Drawer Toys invites you to explore the versatility of the revolutionary Box Rocker. Discover a sex machine that’s silently effective, standing ready to deliver body-rocking orgasms on demand and on your terms.