Foreplay Tips for Women

There are numerous ways to a man’s heart and good sex is part of keeping his heart happy. These foreplay tips will help you do that, changing the flavor and texture of your sex life. Slowing down the proceedings changes things because of the following: 

  • The woman setting the pace of a sexual encounter changes the emphasis. Because women are intensely sensual. Emphasize sensuality and loving touch to change the tone of the encounter.
  • If you don’t set the pace, he will and that pace may be too fast for you to get what you need from the encounter – an orgasm.
  • By taking charge of the pace and using these foreplay tips, you’ll be delaying his orgasm, which puts you two on a more level playing field. That’s simply because men will usually orgasm within 5 to 10 minutes of sexual stimulation, while women may take up to 20 minutes to climax.

Setting the Pace With Foreplay for Women

Most women know that men tend to focus on orgasm as the goal of sexual intercourse. But sex’s goal is not to reach orgasm, unless you’re trying to make a baby. Sex’s goal is to increase intimacy through the mutual enjoyment of pleasure.

And pleasure is the goal of our foreplay tips. As I said above, women take more time to reach orgasm. Our sexual approach is a little different from men’s, being more focused on touch/sensuality than the visual aspects of sexuality (men’s approach). But you can open the door to profound sexual experiences for the two of you just by slowing things down.

The Pleasurable Art of Delayed Gratification

Foreplay for women is an art form that surreptitiously brings an unspoken demand to the center of the sex you’re engaging in. That demand is an orgasm. The role of orgasm in human sexual health (and overall health, incidentally) is pivotal. So, by delaying your partner’s gratification – in the most delightful way – with foreplay tips that slow play down, you’re advocating for your own orgasm.

If you’re setting the pace, then you must set the scene. Dress the part. Be the seductress of his dreams. Pull out that red hot lingerie. Give that man a show because he is a visual creature. Then entice your playmate to the bedroom, where you will – ever so slowly – reveal yourself to him. Make him wait, as your lingerie falls, piece by piece, to the floor. Making him wait is one of our most important foreplay tips, as the goal of foreplay for women is to extend sexy time to ensure that you get the same fireworks display!

Ignore the Elephant in the Room

Couple kissing inside mosquito netting over bed, with pampas grass in the background.

In truth, it’s just the elephant’s “trunk” you’ll be ignoring. That’s right! You’re going to pretend that his penis does not exist. And do not, under any circumstances, allow him to touch it. The penis is sensitive and you don’t want it getting ahead of itself, so hands off, until later! Foreplay for women is about delayed gratification, so delay it. This is more than one of our foreplay tips. It’s a foreplay rule.

Focus on his erogenous zones, treating them to a thorough going over with your hands, mouth, and tongue:

  • Mouth: Kissing is not a prelude to sex. Kissing is part of the sexual arc of desire, leading to a resolution in intercourse. And most men love to be kissed, so kissing is part of foreplay for women. But engage the mouth in creative ways. Run your fingers across his lips, then gently part them to insert your finger. Nibble his lips. Taste his tongue. Devour him.
  • Lower abdomen: One of my favorite foreplay tips to drive a man crazy than to sensually explore this part of his body. The lower abdomen is close to the genitalia, so just the suggestion of where you’re going will drive him mad. Just don’t go there yet. Instead, tease his sensitive abdomen with your mouth, tongue, and hands.
  • Ears: The light flutter of your tongue against an earlobe, unexpected and fleeting, can be a source of writhing pleasure for your man. Run the tip of your nose along the outside edge of his ear to thrill him.
  • Anus: Some men are a little timid about this part of their bodies. But penetration isn’t required. I suggest a little lube on a finger and a gentle touch (unless he asks for more.)

Only when your man is aroused to the point of madness will you touch his genitals. I can’t emphasize this enough as a central rule in foreplay for women. When you do begin to engage the penis, don’t leave the scrotum out of the fun. Scrotal stimulation is an absolute must but approach with caution. Cradle. Do not squeeze. Be gentle with the scrotum but don’t be afraid of it, either. This is one of our top foreplay tips as the scrotum is so shy and sensitive.

Throw in a Sexy Curve Ball

Excited woman with hands over her smiling face, standing against red wall.

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