Get Clean Sex Toy Cleaning Spray


Save when you buy a 2oz. set of cleaning spray and lubricant for $14.99 or a 4oz. set for $19.99!

Top Drawer Toys’ naturally derived sex toy cleaner is here to help you care for your G Rocker, Box Rocker, and all your beloved pleasure companions. The gentle, proprietary formulation of our adult toy cleaner makes it ideal for all the non-porous toys in your collection, like those you’ve purchased or plan to purchase from us!

This organic-based cleaner is created to sanitize your toys safely, protecting them between uses. Just remove the batteries, spray the toy all over, then wipe clean with a damp cloth and air dry before storing.

Cleaning your toys after every use is a step you need to take to protect yourself and your lovers. Do it gently, benefiting from an alcohol-free, organic-based toy cleaning spray that won’t degrade your toys or irritate delicate skin in sensitive areas.

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Get Clean Sex Toy Cleaner

Get Clean’s formula revolves around two key organic ingredients: jojoba oil and tea tree oil. Jojoba oil, when applied to any surface, creates a waxy barrier that protects your toys against the incursion of bacteria, while tea tree oil’s antiseptic and antibacterial properties banish bacteria that may cling to the surface.

Get busy with Top Drawer Toys’ Get Busy personal lubricant, then, clean your toys with our Get Clean adult toy cleaner for a satisfying finish. Treat your toys to an alcohol-free, naturally mild cleaner that prolongs their life.

Keep It Clean With Get Clean Sex Toy Cleaner

Top Drawer Toys brings you organic-based products that raise the bar for sex toy accessories, putting your sexual health and safety first. Get Clean allows adult toys to be sanitized with no drying alcohol content, so you get to enjoy them for longer!

Discover the power of an all-natural, organic-based cleaning spray that defends your sexual health and the life of your toys, naturally. Stock up on Get Clean from Top Drawer Toys today!


  • What are the ingredients?

Get Clean by Top Drawer Toys is an organic toy cleaner that is made with: purified water, polysorbate 20, organic tea tree oil, organic jojoba oil, benzalkonium chloride, phenoxyethanol, and fragrance.

  • What can I use Get Clean on?

You can use Get Clean on all non-porous materials.

  • How do I use Get Clean?

Make sure you remove the batteries from your toy. Spray the cleaner over the entire surface area, then wipe with a damp cloth. Rinse thoroughly and dry before using.

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