Foreplay Tips for Men

It’s no secret that women’s sexual response differs from men’s. Women can take as long as 20 minutes to reach orgasm, while men can do so after only about 5 – 10 minutes. Many women don’t reach orgasm during intercourse but rely on extensive foreplay to be sufficiently aroused to climax.

Foreplay for men is to be approached with relish because foreplay extends sexy time! Foreplay also instructs, revealing “hot spots” you wouldn’t normally know about. But very importantly, foreplay deepens the bond between partners. So, these tips for foreplay are dedicated to total sexual pleasure and the harmony of orgasms all around!

Dispelling the Myth

Fully 90% of men experience an orgasm every time they engage in sexual intercourse, according to a study conducted in 2015. That figure for women is a lamentable 50%. In the same study, a large proportion of women reported that intercourse that didn’t result in an orgasm was not pleasurable. And so, it’s clear just how urgently needed these tips for foreplay are! 

Women want orgasms with their sex. So, creating the conditions necessary for a woman to orgasm – while dependent on both partners – relies on foreplay. The key to mastering foreplay for men is to acknowledge that female partners’ orgasms are just as crucial to the enjoyment of sexual intercourse as their own. 

The Journey: As Important as the Destination

One of the most important lessons you’ll learn in our brief guide to foreplay for men is that women, sexually speaking, are more sensually inclined and less concerned with visuals, while men are the opposite. Women’s sexual response hinges largely on touch.

And there’s your first lesson – touch is where the rubber meets the road. In these tips for foreplay, we’ll be discussing how to explore your female partner’s body to identify the unique roadmap to her orgasm. But before you take the first step on your foreplay journey, it’s important to remember that the journey is just as important as the destination. 

In our rush to get to the “big bang”, it’s easy to overlook enjoying the journey. It’s all sex but the rush to achieve orgasm can get in the way of slowing down to take in the scenery. And men, you’re the visual ones, so take a good look at the scenery while your hands and mouth are busy pushing all the right buttons, as you become a master of foreplay.

Prepare to Launch

Woman lies on bed dressed in white sheets wearing a red bra and panties, next to a bouquet of peonies.

Before you even think about getting naked, clean up your sexy-time space. Make the bed (and if the sheets are funky, change them). Light some sensually scented candles. Women want to see that men place the same reverence for sex as they do. A space that’s been curated for the main event gets her motor running. You bet that counts as foreplay!

Sex is a primal activity that enlivens us like no other, so give it the love it deserves and make your sexy-time space sexy. This is foundational to our tips for foreplay because by presenting a space that’s sexy, you’ve signaled your readiness to engage in a seriously sensual, unrushed way. Preparation for the main event honors the importance of the physical bond shared with your sensual woman.

Exploring the Hot Spots

The truth about foreplay for men is that it’s a matter of exploration. Going straight for genitals is not one of our tips for foreplay. In fact, it’s a mood killer. Resist the temptation to dive right in, instead paying attention to key erogenous zones:

  • Neck: The softly vulnerable skin of the neck is highly responsive to gentle touch. A brush of the lips, a gentle flicker of the tongue, or a delicate touch can send her through the roof. 
  • Nipples/Areola: This is one of our tips for foreplay that most readers are already somewhat aware of. The dark skin of a woman’s nipples is incredibly sensitive. In fact, when the nipples are stimulated, the brain responds precisely as it does when the genitals are stimulated, so foreplay for men must include targeted attention to nipples. Be gentle but firm, using hands, mouth, and tongue. You may even trigger a nipple orgasm!
  • Inner thighs: Electric with sexual response, the proximity of the thighs to the genitals is part of the reason for that sensitivity. Start by stroking her thighs gently, adding mouth and tongue, as you turn up the heat. Combine this with stimulation of the nipples/areola.
  • Genitals: Studiously ignore these until your sensual woman is writhing in the ecstasy your tender ministrations have ignited. Approach slowly, caressing, licking and nibbling the area around the genitals (stomach, navel, top inner thighs). Only when you sense that she’s reaching a boil should you proceed with oral or manual stimulation. Ignore the genitals until the peak of arousal. In our guide to foreplay for men, keep this tip top of mind.

A Secret Weapon

Man with excited expression looking at a laptop against red background.

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