About Us

Top Drawer Toys was founded by two people with a dream of creating something special. They wanted to design a device that fell between a sex aid and a mechanically complex “sex machine”. They dreamed of creating a sex toy that was completely different.

Box Rocker offers sexual experiences you’ve never had before. This is a revolutionary sex toy that brings you pleasure just the way you like it. Customizable and versatile, the Box Rocker checks all the boxes while breaking all the rules. Top Drawer Toys is a sex toy company that believes sexual health is as crucial as any other sector of human wellness. And we believe that Box Rocker represents a substantial contribution to its enhancement.

A Sex Toy Company For Everyone

Box Rocker is adaptable to everybody and every body, by design. Easy to use and shaped for all manner of play, from straddling to standing to lying down, the exceptional versatility of Box Rocker comes with a wealth of features, empowering you to have it your way.

That wealth of features, with multiple settings for each, is only part of this sex toy’s allure. Adjustable to answer your specific desires, Box Rocker is all about giving you exactly what you need. We’re proud of Box Rocker’s one-toy-fits-all ability. It makes serving a wider spectrum of people possible, spreading the sexually healthy news of Box Rocker.

This Sex Toy Company is Happy to Meet You!

It’s true! We’re glad you’re here finding out more about Box Rocker. Top Drawer Toys has developed and launched this innovative sex toy to disrupt the proceedings with ecstasy. Box Rocker changes the game for anyone who’s ready to explore and enjoy total wellness.

Thanks for visiting. Please browse the features of the Box Rocker and visit our blog for sexual health news and information. And come back soon!