Remote Control

An Amazing Remote
Control Sex Toy

The Box Rocker is a one-of-a-kind, customizable sex machine that enables you to be fully in control of your orgasm.

With the remote control, change the speed and thrust depth of Box Rocker with ease. You can also wear this remote control dildo using the hands-free strap or step in the shower for a session of waterproof fun. Hand the remote to your lover to leverage the element of surprise! Box Rocker’s versatility sets you free to explore.

On-Demand Pleasure,
Your Way

The Box Rocker was created to fulfill your unique desires because at Top Drawer Toys, we know that no two people are alike. With this professionally-engineered remote control sex toy, you always get what you want.

With the remote control nearby, you direct the action and tailor your experience. It has no problem powering straight through your thundering climax, enhancing and prolonging it.

For women and men of all sexualities and gender identifications, this remote control dildo offers on-demand pleasure, your way.

Let Box Rocker
Rock Your World

Box Rocker is the remote control sex toy whose time has come. Whisper quiet, wearable and customizable, this is the magic wand you’ve been waiting for.

For everybody and for every body, Box Rocker is a remote control dildo that weighs in at under 2 pounds. Shaped for comfort, Box Rocker is everybody’s new best friend, dispensing tailored orgasms that impart a healthy glow!

We’re glad to see you here and invite you to explore the features and versatility of the amazing Box Rocker sex machine. Engineered for your pleasure, Box Rocker is a revolution in sex toys. The versatile wonders of this extraordinary dildo will take you places you’ve never been before!