How a Sex Toy Can Bring Couples Closer

There’s a common misconception among people who’ve never used sex toys that they can create friction in relationships. The fear is that one or both partners will become obsessed with the toy, losing interest in their human lover.

As more people get to know the power of sex toys, it’s becoming increasingly clear that they draw couples closer together. Let’s look at sex toys for couples and how sex toys can strengthen your relationship. Then, we’ll talk about the best couple’s sex toy for fun, frolic, and togetherness!

Sex Toy Stigma

Women who used sex toys were ridiculed in the past as “desperate”, due to an overall public squeamishness about sex. The assertion was that women were using vibrators as a substitute for men. Today, men who use sex toys are similarly ridiculed; depicted as “creepy” or “perverted”. Public attitudes toward sex toys have changed for the better but the stigma is still out there, implying that there’s something wrong with using them.

The truth about sex toys for couples is that they’re instruments of overall well-being. Used for self-stimulation, sex toys are a means of maintaining robust sexual health. They’re not substitutes for anything or anyone. They’re allies. The best couple’s sex toy is the one that gives both partners pleasure, drawing them closer together while imparting holistic wellness in relationships. Sex toy stigma, rooted in misconceptions and dated understandings of how sex is “supposed to work” is of little relevance to your sexual health, so ignore it! Claim your right to sexual health and a strong relationship.

With Sex Toys, Couples Explore Together

Being in a long-term relationship, as you know, is work. You work to be at your best for each other and to keep the bedroom fire burning hot. But if you’re not intentionally stoking the fire, it can grow cold.

Introducing a sex toy to your erotic escapades can turn up the heat by increasing intimacy. Intimacy is more than a synonym or euphemism for sex. Intimacy is the sense that you know your partner as well as you know yourself and vice versa. 

The best couple’s sex toy is the one you choose together, use together, and joyfully play with together. They’re not called “toys” for nothing. You’re playing as you enjoy the physical side of your relationship. You’re talking and you’re discovering new ways to please each other. That’s real intimacy that goes beyond intercourse, with sex toys for couples.

Having the Sex Toy Talk

A couple lying in bed, talking.

Communication is at the heart of introducing the idea of sex toys for couples to your partner. If you’re committed to the idea but your lover’s a little hesitant, talk about what you hope to accomplish by adding sex toys to your erotic life.

Make it clear that your interest in sex toys isn’t about dissatisfaction with your partner. Toys are enhancements and tools for mutual exploration. The element of play is absolutely crucial, so be clear that the toy is no different than the visual charge of lingerie or even using lube. All these sexual allies are there to make sex more fun, exciting, and varied. 

The Best Couple’s Sex Toy

Sex toys for couples should appeal to both partners, bringing something to the party you both crave. So, Top Drawer Toys has created the Box Rocker to do all that and more. Engineered to dispense pleasure like you’ve never experienced before, the whisper-quiet Box Rocker is a clever hybrid, uniting the power of a vibrator and the novelty of a sex machine. 

With its own remote control, either of you can control the action while the other enjoys the power of Box Rocker. But the best thing about Box Rocker for couples is its versatility. With a range of settings for thrust speed and depth and vibration, the Box Rocker is finely customizable to your desires of the moment. With its hands-free strap, the lightweight Box Rocker (weighing less than 2 pounds) moves with you. And it’s water-resistant, so take it in the shower for a splishy splashy session that will leave you both breathless!

Finding the right sex toy for couples just got easier with Box Rocker, the customizable sex toy that keeps the fire burning brightly!

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