The Incredible Health Benefits of Orgasms

The power of the orgasm is intimately linked to sexual health. But your overall health benefits from orgasm too. In fact, the benefits of an orgasm are compelling for everyone, regardless of sex or gender identity.

In this post, we’ll be looking into the documented health benefits of orgasm and what contributes to those benefits. At Top Drawer Toys, part of our mission is to promote more robust sexual health for everybody and everybody. 

The Brain on Orgasm

The orgasm is a physical phenomenon which promotes an intense sense of well-being and satisfaction, contributing to reduced anxiety and stress, which are certainly health benefits. During orgasm, you lose all rational control as your body is flooded with “feel good” chemicals, relaxing and rejuvenating you.

The chemical soup released by the human body in response to sexual stimulation is formidable. Chief among these naturally occurring chemicals are endorphins (the body’s opiates), but dopamine (imparting feelings of desire, pleasure, and reward) and oxytocin (the “love hormone”) are also implicated. This powerful trio of compounds results in a temporary sense of euphoria, followed by total relaxation – more immediate benefits of an orgasm.

The brain turns off its logical function while engaged in sexual activity. And that’s a benefit too. The human mind takes a sexy little holiday when you climax! The lateral orbitofrontal cortex (rational thought) steps aside, allowing other parts of the brain to take over, shutting down cognitive faculties like reason, judgment, and discernment. This is one of the health benefits of orgasm as critical thinking and logic tend to get in the way of the festivities!

Sexy Brain Regions Take the Wheel

While the lateral orbitofrontal cortex is taking a nap, three other regions of the brain take the wheel: the thalamus, hypothalamus, and substantia nigra join the genital sensory cortex and get to work, helping to produce the health benefits of an orgasm. The genital sensory cortex develops with the onset of puberty and expands its powers based on sexual experience. During sexual activity, this brain region registers touch and resulting arousal.

The thalamus is the information processor of sex, pulling up sexual fantasies and data about movement and touch. The hypothalamus concurrently pumps out oxytocin as arousal gets underway. The hypothalamus is also responsible for regulating homeostasis (a state of balance between all bodily systems.) These sexy brain regions deliver the abundant benefits of an orgasm.

The Many Benefits of an Orgasm

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Now that you know a little more about how orgasms happen, it’s time to talk more about the benefits. We’ve already mentioned some general health benefits of orgasm. Now, let’s find out how orgasms can support our overall well-being, supporting optimal total health.

  • Connects you to your body

To really know the fullness of orgasm’s benefits, masturbation is a great tool. Masturbation allows you to experiment with touch, pressure, toys, and tools, like lube, before springing them on your partner. You connect with your body while masturbating, revealing yourself to yourself. Enjoy the benefits of an orgasm solo and you’ll come to know your body and its sexual triggers better! That means more and better orgasms. 

  • Heart health improves

A definitive 2010 study revealed that your heart benefits from orgasm enormously, especially as you age. One of the most compelling benefits of an orgasm is improved cardiovascular function. Another is the prevention of heart disease. Climaxing regularly, the study found, delivers the health benefits of orgasm to both sexes, with benefits increasing as we get older. This may be the reason that frequent orgasms reduce mortality risk by 50%.

  • For men – lower prostate cancer risk

While more research is required to pinpoint the benefits of an orgasm for the health of the prostate gland (which is implicated in ejaculation), studies have pointed to an increased benefit for men over 50. Between 2 and 4 orgasms per week is deemed “moderate” and also optimal for protection against prostate cancer.

  • For women – less painful, debilitating menstruation

If you have sporadic or irregular periods, the answer to that problem is an orgasm at least once per week. The uterine contractions experienced by women during orgasm tone the uterus, preparing it for the monthly expulsion of its lining. This is one of the most attractive health benefits of orgasm for women. Another is pain relief, helping you sail through your monthly cycle!

  • For everyone – elevated immune response

Orgasms once or twice a week increased production of immunoglobulin by 30% in one 2004 study, compared to participants who rarely enjoyed one. Because immunity is boosted, people who enjoy frequent orgasms are also sick less often, being less vulnerable to viruses. This is possibly the most attractive of all the benefits of an orgasm.

These are only some of the amazing benefits offered by orgasms. So enjoy them regularly!

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