How To Enjoy
Your Box Rocker

Your new Box Rocker is easy to set up and use! Make sure Box Rocker’s ON/OFF button is set to “OFF”, then plug the charger into the charger port in the middle of the back panel. The LED charging indicator will glow red until Box Rocker’s fully charged. When it turns green, you’re good to go! 

Don’t forget to insert 2 AA batteries in your Box Rocker remote control, as shown in the instructional graphic. 

Ready to rock? Attach the hands-free strap where indicated in the graphic. then press the “ON” button to the fully compressed position. Finally, replace the cover on the control panel.

At the top of your remote control is the oval vibe pad (directly above Box Rocker’s shaft) button. Press and hold this down until Box Rocker begins to vibrate. 

To cycle through vibration modes, click once for each speed and pattern. The heart-shaped button controls thrust speed. Press and hold until Box Rocker begins to thrust. 

With a single press, you cycle through thrusting speeds. The square button at the bottom controls thrust length. Click once at the top of the button for a longer thrust or once at the bottom of the button for a shorter thrust.

The easy-to-use, revolutionary Box Rocker loves water-based lube, so apply some before every use, reapplying as needed throughout your session! Add the hands-free strap for fun and leave your hands available for other stimulating purposes. Just attach to the clips where indicated in the graphic, then slide your legs through the straps on either side of Box Rocker. Pull the straps up around your hips for a more intense experience. Now, enjoy pleasure as you’ve never experienced it before with the innovative Box Rocker!