Welcome to Our Sex Toy Blog

Welcome to Toy Drawer Toys’ blog, where you’ll learn what you need to know about sex toys and sexual health. Part of our mission here is to encourage enhanced sexual health for everyone as an essential part of overall wellness.

We’ll share the world of sex toys, what they do and how to use them, and how they contribute to robust sexual health as part of holistic well being. Homeostasis is the physical balance we all seek, when all the systems of the body are working together seamlessly. Sexual health is part of that. When it’s out of balance with other bodily systems, overall health can suffer. We’d like to be part of a public impulse toward enhanced balance and wellness, through the use of sex toys and the sexual health they’re capable of restoring.

Sex Toy Blog Promoting Sexual Health

Too often, people believe that sexual health is an “extra”. Nothing could be further from the truth. This aspect of human health is as crucial as heart, lung, or mental health. In fact, sexual health contributes to all three of these human health factors.

Box Rocker is engineered to bring innovation to the world of sex toys, providing a sexual outlet that’s convenient, highly customizable, and whisper quiet. Versatile and adaptable to the needs of whoever chooses it as a dynamic alternative to conventional sex toys, Box Rocker is for everybody and every body.

The Sex Toy Blog For Everybody

We embrace the diversity of human sexuality at Top Drawer Toys, inviting everybody to bring their body to enhanced well being with the joy of sexual self-care. We believe it’s everyone’s right to feel their best and we know that sex is a big part of that.

So, settle in and enjoy our blog, offering reliable, straightforward information about sex toys and sexual health. Here’s to your health and to the happiness of a body in perfect balance.

Portable Sex Machines

Sex machine vs. the Box Rocker

How does the Box Rocker stack up? Shrouded in folklore and fantasy, the sex machine is a motorized sex toy capable of delivering powerful orgasms with the rapid-fire thrusting action they’re famous for. For some, a sex machine is as…

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How to Choose the Right Sex Toy

Teacher teaching sex education and how to choose a vibrator.

You’ve been contemplating getting a sex toy but you don’t know where to start. Relax! Top Drawer Toys is here to guide you through how to choose a vibrator with this brief guide to sex toys for beginners.  We believe…

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A Guide to Buying Adult Toys Online

Online shopper buying sex toys online with credit card.

Sex toys are everywhere on the web, all beckoning with promises of the ultimate orgasm! But how in the heck do you learn to buy sex toys? Where’s the handbook? In this guide, you’ll get the basics about buying sex…

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All About Penis Rings


The penis ring helps men maintain a longer-term, more durable erection. Placed at the base of the penis (sometimes around the scrotum, also), penis rings serve to maintain an erection by squeezing the blood vessels, keeping blood that flows to…

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Couple laying in bed kissing

If you know who Sting (formerly of the rock group The Police) is, you’ll have at least a superficial knowledge of what tantric sex is. In a 1990s interview with famed philanthropist Bob Geldof, Sting claimed to have 7-hour tantric…

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How Diet Impacts Sex/Your Sex Drive

A sandwich and bottle of orange juice on a table

Who you are at the dinner table is who you are in bed. That’s right! You really are what you eat! And how you eat impacts your sex life because it affects your sex drive. In this post, we’ll take…

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Exploring Different Types of Sexual Relationships

Romantic couple watching the sunset

It’s no great surprise that there are different types of relationships. Relationships may be purely sexual, romantic, or a combination of the two. Most people are sexually motivated but the types of relationships they engage in are quite different. Let’s…

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Masturbation for Pain & Stress Relief

The word “love” captured on a neon sign. Masturbation relieves stress.

The act of self-love expresses a profound connection with your body. Masturbation, in truth, is about self-care, due to its numerous health benefits. And not all those benefits concern physical health. While the mind and body are one, there are…

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Tips For Using Sex Toys in the Shower

Cat looks up at a couple standing in the bathroom before using sex toys in the shower.

There is power in the shower! We all love a little shower time fun but it pays to have a strategy for using sex toys in the shower before you get wet! And that’s what this post is all about.…

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Post-Sex Hygiene: The Cleanup


They say cleanliness is next to godliness but at Top Drawer Toys it’s more like, “Cleanliness is next to sexiness.” Because there’s nothing sexier than robust sexual health that you’re intentional about maintaining. It’s tempting to leave sexual hygiene to…

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