What Is Female Ejaculation? (For Starters, it’s Normal)

Known as “squirting”, female ejaculation is a subject of popular fascination. Only now beginning to be somewhat understood, female ejaculation has been misinterpreted and misrepresented since bursting into the modern public consciousness.

Can all women squirt? Is squirting normal? Is the fluid ejaculated urine? People have a lot of questions and that’s not surprising in consideration of the scant research conducted about female ejaculation until very recently.

So, let’s dispel some of the myths, misunderstandings, and misinformation around the phenomenon with a brief discussion about what female ejaculation is and isn’t!

Female Ejaculate Is Not Urine

What is female ejaculation? Let’s start with what it’s not, which is peeing. There is no urine involved because the fluid ejaculated doesn’t issue from the urethra (where your pee comes from) but from the Skene’s Gland (or Skene Glands), located just south of the urethra. 

And while we know it’s not urine, the scientific community seems reluctant to pinpoint the precise composition of female ejaculate. There is tremendous disagreement. What’s known is that the fluid ejaculated by the Skene’s Gland contains fructose (a type of sugar) and prostatic acid phosphatase (an enzyme contained in seminal fluid).

So, if you’re a woman reader who’s experienced female ejaculation, you need to know that you haven’t urinated, if you’ve expelled fluid during masturbation or sex. Your body’s response to peak arousal (female ejaculation occurs immediately before or during orgasm) is perfectly normal and experienced by between 10% and 50% of women. So, can all women squirt? Yes! We’ll cover why all women don’t in a minute.

What Is Female Ejaculation?

Since the time of Hippocrates, early medicinal science has asked “What is female ejaculation?” Written about in the Kama Sutra, by Aristotle in 300 BCE, and by famed physician Galen in 200 CE, squirting is not a modern discovery. It’s a feature of human female arousal driven by biological function, governed by what’s now considered the female counterpart of the prostate gland, the Skene’s Gland.

Female ejaculate, expelled before or during orgasm consists of a copious amount of fluid, which may be either dense, sticky, and milky in appearance or clear and thin in consistency. But what is the mechanism by which female ejaculation occurs? The answer is in the G-Spot.

This complex of tissue, lively when stimulated, is located just inside the vagina at a depth of 2 to 3 inches, on the anterior (front) vaginal wall. Gentle but firm stimulation of the G-Spot with fingers, a sex toy, or a penis may result in ejaculation. So, while all women can squirt, some don’t. Why?

Can all Women Squirt?

Bottle cap from “Squirt” soda, in yellow with red lettering on gray background.

As stated above, the capacity for female ejaculation is intrinsic to all women. So, why don’t all women experience female ejaculation? A 2013 study revealed that squirting is far less global than perhaps the internet would have you believe. But that squirting deficit may be down to partner technique and other factors science hasn’t gotten around to researching yet. If you don’t or haven’t squirted yet, there’s nothing wrong with you. What’s more, you’ve got something to shoot for!

Of the 230 participants in the study, 19% said they experienced female ejaculation daily, while 12% said they ejaculated less than once per month. The overall figures for women experiencing female ejaculation are extraordinarily vague. There is a tremendous gulf between 10% of the subject demographic and 50% thereof, so clearly, further research is needed. 

In purely physiological terms, all women can squirt, so why don’t they? What is the prevalence of female ejaculation, speaking realistically? We await more conclusive research for clearer answers. Until then, it’s down to sexually healthy people to experiment and explore to unlock the orgasmic potential of this poorly understood phenomenon.

Female ejaculation has been noted even in ancient times by highly respected sources and is something all women (potentially) can do when the right techniques are employed. But sometimes, all you need is a willing partner.

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