What Is Sex Positivity?

Sex is a human need, just like hunger or thirst. But for countless epochs, sexuality has been suppressed. But time has changed the narrative. We’ve come to understand sexuality as a diverse and complex expression of humanity that is intimately connected to overall health. So, in sex positivity, humanity acknowledges the truth – that sex is part of human nature and that’s OK.

What is Being Sex Positive?

Sex positivity is an openness, not just toward your own sexuality but that of other people. At its heart is acceptance of the animal nature that drives human sexuality and respect for those of alternative sexualities. Finding its voice in the 80s, the rise of electronic media took sex positivity’s message of embracing sexuality in all its colors online, reaching a new generation.

Humans are thinking, speaking animals but we’re also sexual animals. So what is the attraction of a positive relationship to sex for this new generation? How will it help reconcile the shame of the past, resulting from the divorce between the spiritualized mind and the animal body? 

Sex Positivity Casts Out Shame

Everyone’s sexual story is different. Beginning in childhood, the messages received about sex are varied and often contradictory. Sex is shameful. Sex is power. Sex is dirty. Sex sells. Sex is never just sex in our society. Assigned a value according to prevailing community standards and commercial need, sex appears in the public square as both devil and angel.

Because children learn what they see, first in the home and then in society, shame can adhere to the psyche, distorting the budding sexuality of children. This is the core answer to the question, “What is sex positive?”: that shame induced by messages from the media, religious institutions, and sex-negative parents, must be cast out for sexual positivity to heal the wounded, increasing sexual health.

Sex Positivity and You

Wherever your sexuality lands on the spectrum, it’s part of who you are and it’s acceptable to be whatever that is. Accepting yourself as you are sexually is the first step on your journey to being sex positive. The second is owning and proclaiming it.

Once you’re able to proclaim your sexual truth, you’re free to share the goodness of openness and acceptance with others. You become an advocate in the ongoing struggle for global sexual health and the healing it promises to so many. So, what is the sex positive world you’re part of building?

People celebrating the Hindu Festival, Holi, by throwing colored powder in the air.

Sex Positivity and Freedom

The Sexual Revolution of the 1960s was rooted in liberating women from the fear of unwanted pregnancy and the social judgment of women’s sexuality. But there was little change in other areas of the sexual world. To advance sex-positive attitudes, all people must be included. That means gay, lesbian, and bisexual people. It means trans people. It means sexual freedom for people of alternative sexualities and sexual identities as much as it does for heterosexual people. 

Understanding that people of all sexualities and sexual identities have been wounded by societal prohibitions and persecution is key to being a true sexual revolutionary. What you desire for yourself, you wish for others. That empathetic response to divergent sexual expressions extends freedom to all people. No longer incarcerated, human sexuality’s kaleidoscopic diversity can flourish without hindrance, diffusing holistic wellness as just one key benefit to humanity. What is the sex positive world? It’s a place where you can live out your sexuality free of judgment.

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