Top Features

Automatic Self-Thrust

The Box Rocker’s automatic self-thrust feature is customizable to 3.5” of thrusting action. You control the depth of thrust. With vibration and thrusting in one feature, you’re in charge.

Whisper Quiet

When we say “whisper quiet” we mean it. The Box Rocker’s near-silent operation is a revolutionary feature that keeps your playtime private. Even a fan will cover the minimal sound of this incredible toy.

Adjustable Speed & Stroke Length

Box Rocker is at your command with adjustable speed and stroke length, giving you the pleasure you demand, as you demand it.

Strong Lift

This feature is a fan favorite! While silent, this auto dildo is powerful, pushing through even the most intense orgasm. The Box Rocker is designed to please, with strong lifting action that keeps the party going.

Hands-Free Strap

With the hands-free strap included with Box Rocker, you get even more versatility. Strap it on and free your hands to explore the rest of your body. With the hands-free strap, you can explore endless positions and possibilities.

Remote Control

Box Rocker comes with a remote control that you can use for solo play or with a partner. Hand your partner the remote to leverage the element of surprise or use it yourself to tailor the experience further.

Versatility that Never Disappoints

Box Rocker is a revolution in sex toys, empowering you to enjoy your sexuality more than ever before at your convenience and on your terms. This innovative toy is designed to boost the sexual health of everyone who uses it, delivering the orgasmic pleasure that represents one of life’s most thrillingly satisfying experiences. The Boxer Rocker is engineered for your sexual satisfaction.