How to Clean a Sex Toy

Whether you’re new to sex toys or you’re a seasoned pro, sex toy cleaning is an imperative. Think about it. Your sex toys have been places! Whether or not the places your sex toy or toys have been are part of your body, they need to be properly cleaned and there are some very good reasons for that.

Let’s talk about why and how you should clean your pleasure allies to ensure that the fun you have with them doesn’t lead to unforeseen contingencies. Top Drawer Toys wouldn’t be a responsible sexual health advocate if we didn’t provide this crucial information.

STIs and Other Undesirables

It’s entirely possible to contract STIs from using a sex toy. I’m not being dramatic, either. Not properly cleaning your sex toy, even if you’re using it on your own, exposes you to bacteria that can cause infections. But if you’re playing with a partner or partners, it becomes crucial that you know how to clean a sex toy thoroughly.

What can bacteria do? A lot! Urinary tract and yeast infections as well as bacterial vaginosis are not problems you need and bacteria left to fester on your sex toy can cause these conditions. And if you use sex toys for anal play, you should be meticulous about sex toy cleaning but you should also prepare beforehand. Make sure your and your partner’s bodies are clean before the fun begins.

How to Clean a Sex Toy According to Material

Sex toys are made from different types of materials. Some are porous and some are non-porous. The problem with porous sex toys is that bacteria can hide in them. For that reason, using a condom with toys made of porous materials is a smart idea. 

Let’s look at the different materials involved and how to approach sex toy cleaning for each. Remember that all your toys, from vibrators to handcuffs, need to be properly cleaned every time they’re used. So, you’ll need to consider your strategy for toys that combine materials like silicon and leather (ball gags, for example).

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ABS Plastic

ABS plastic is a polymer that combines multiple products to create an emulsion. This process results in a hardy type of non-porous plastic that is versatile and flexible, lending itself to the creation of sex toys.

How to clean an ABS sex toy

Warm water and a mild, hypoallergenic soap are all you need for sex toy cleaning for toys made in ABS plastic. Alternatively, a quality sex toy cleaner is also appropriate. Store this type of toy in a lint-free fabric cloth or bag. 

Pyrex, Silicone, Stainless Steel, Glass

All the materials in the heading are non-porous and appealingly smooth, so they’re easy to clean. 

How to clean a sex toy made from these materials: 

If the sex toy you’re cleaning is motorized, different rules apply. For example, non-motorized sex toys made from any of these materials can be boiled or put in the dishwasher. Motorized toys should be cleaned by hand with soap and warm water or a sex toy cleaner. Glass and Pyrex items should be stored in a lint-free cloth or bag or in a padded container. Silicone and stainless steel toys can be placed in any clean container.

Cyberskin, Latex, Jelly Rubber, Elastomer

The materials in the heading are all porous. Condom use is therefore advised.

Here’s how to clean a sex toy made of these porous materials: 

Using a soapy washcloth, clean these toys with lukewarm water. Store them on their own in lint-free cloth or in a container that’s not made of plastic.


Leather straps and other items made from leather are, of course, porous, so sex toy cleaning for leather is a little more delicate. Leather is subject to degradation, so be sure to let it dry after you clean it and before you put it away to maintain it in excellent condition.

How to clean a leather sex toy: 

Spot cleaning carefully with a soapy washcloth (damp, not wet) ensures your leather goods are left in hygienic condition. Store leather in a non-plastic container in a location that’s cool and dry. You may also want to treat your leather items to a little extra care using leather conditioner to keep it flexible and lustrous.

PVC and Vinyl

Like leather, the materials in the heading are porous. The advantage is that they’re much hardier and easier to maintain in terms of sex toy cleaning.

How to clean a sex toy made of these materials: 

You can go to town on PVC and vinyl with warm water and a soapy washcloth. When they’re dry, store them in clean, lint-free fabric.


How to clean a sex toy like a nylon strap or restraints: 

Just toss it in the washing machine! When your nylon items are dry, store them in a drawer or a clean container.

Sex toys are fun and taking the extra step of proper sex toy cleaning can spare you a world of unpleasantness. And it’s really not that hard to do!

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