Mind-Blowing Solo Sex Positions to Maximize Your Fun

Regular masturbation contributes to your overall health. When your sexual health is optimal, everything falls into place! So how can you up the ante? Top Drawer Toys offers these tips for masturbation to make your self-love sessions even more delightful. This post is set up in sections for people with male genitalia, female genitalia, and people with mobility challenges. So read on! There’s something for everyone here!

Solo Sex Positions for Females

Try these tips for masturbation to elevate your solo sessions!

The Grind: Lying face down, use either a firm regular pillow or a wedge-shaped sex pillow to elevate your hips. From there, grind the pillow or use a sex toy to provide vibration. Use your hands for additional clitoral stimulation. The weight of your body and the act of grinding will have you going over the edge before you know it!

The Reflector: As you may have guessed, you’ll need a full-length mirror for this one. Position yourself standing or sitting, or if you have mirrored doors on your closet, lie down. Using your lube of preference, start by lubricating your favorite erogenous zones. Then, watch yourself enjoy a solo sensation of rubbing, caressing, pinching and tugging until you hit the ceiling!

The Vaginal O: Grab your favorite sex toy and squat. The sensitive G-Spot is just inside the vaginal opening, located about 1.5 inches up its front wall. Using your fingers or a toy, slowly start penetrating yourself, taking the activity a little deeper until you sense an orgasm is imminent. At that point, concentrate on direct stimulation of this sensitive complex of nerves. You’ll soon be orbiting the moon with this tip for masturbation.

Tips for Masturbation For Males

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The Plug: Fans of anal will love this solo sex position. An hour or so before your session, insert a butt plug. Do nothing. Enjoy the sensation of feeling “full”. Deliberately focus on that feeling of being secretly penetrated. You may even want to pop out to the corner store before you get down to business because it’s your little secret. When you get home, let the anticipation take you away on a tide of desire, as you slip on the lube and get what you’ve been waiting for.

The Tease: All too often, the penis takes over, catapulting you toward orgasm far too soon. But you know you’re in charge, so let this tip for masturbation slow you down! Tease yourself. Command your member. For this position, use a cock ring to maintain your erection longer. This is what “playing with yourself” really means. It’s not a race to the finish line. It’s a journey of sensual enjoyment. Move around freely, as you explore a variety of sensations. Use lube to make the fun last even longer.

The Stroker: The frenulum is a frequently ignored focus of male pleasure. This lively little membrane running from under the head of the penis to the shaft is loads of fun. You may want to stand in front of a mirror for this solo sex position. Use plenty of lube as you stroke the frenulum with a sex toy or your fingers.

Solo Sex Positions for Mobility Challenges

Mobility-challenged people are as sexual as anyone else and these tips for masturbation can help you enjoy masturbation more. Sex toys are a great way to make solo pleasure easier. And you may even have one in your own home that you don’t think of as a sex toy, but which might be helpful!

The Pocket: Uncooperative hands can be a hindrance to masturbation, so a neat trick is to have a pair of underwear with a pocket inside to accommodate a sex toy. Then, all you need to do is insert the vibrator in the pocket and bam – you’re on the road to a shattering orgasm!

Wedged in: Those with profound mobility challenges can invest in wedge cushions to secure themselves safely in their wheelchair in a position that allows access to the areas they’d like to explore with their hands or with a toy. Alternatively, use pillows or bolsters. You’ll feel safe and the idea that you’re set up to masturbate will rev you up!

If you feel unsure about any of these tips for masturbation, talk to your primary care doctor about supportive resources and seek out a sex toy that makes you happy!

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