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At Top Drawer Toys, we believe that sexual pleasure is for everybody and for every body. The human orgasm releases hormones that impart a profound sense of well-being. One of these hormones is oxytocin, the “feel good” hormone.

Box Rocker is a strap-on vibrator that may be used for solo play or with your lover. For people of all sexualities and gender identities, our innovative thrusting sex toy does all the work, as you enjoy the fruits of its labor. With a thrust of up to 3.5”, Box Rocker pushes through your body’s most extreme orgasms. Say “hello” to a little friend who’ll never disappoint you!

Box Rocker accommodates your whims, with its thrusting speed and stroke length entirely in your command. You select the settings that press the right buttons, reaching orgasm when and how you choose to. As you lay in the afterglow, you’ll want to give this revolutionary strap-on vibrator a standing ovation!

The Box Rocker

Welcome to Top Drawer Toys, home of Box Rocker. Once you’ve met Box Rocker, you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life. This thrusting sex toy is a revolution in adult play technology. Whisper quiet, versatile, and unwavering in its purpose, Box Rocker never lets you down.

You control the action as your discreet friend gets to work. Remote controlled, your hands are free to explore erotic touch. Or relinquish the remote to a partner for sexy, couple play. With Box Rocker, your automatic dildo, you have a special playmate who does all the work while you have all the fun!

Box Rocker empowers the user to experience orgasmic delight, with or without a partner. With the Box Rocker strap-on vibrator, you’ll be in the pink! Engineered to deliver, this thrusting sex toy redefines the role of pleasure aids, adding advanced technology to facilitate total ecstasy.

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Box Rocker: The Thrusting Sex Toy That Changes The Game

Top Drawer Toys invites you to explore the power of Box Rocker. For all people who love to love themselves and others, this is the ultimate strap-on vibrator. It delivers mammoth orgasms that impart overall well-being, better health, and an ear-to-ear grin! This next generation sex toy offers finely-tuned penetration that’s designed to rock your world. Because, when your world is thoroughly and satisfyingly rocked, you’re a happier, healthier camper!

Get to know the advanced technology behind the Box Rocker. Discover the thrusting sex toy that’s silent, versatile, dependable, and made from the highest quality materials. Silent but deadly, you’ll make a friend for life who’s always in the mood. Experience a new world of orgasmic pleasure with the innovative Box Rocker. Rock your world and change the game!