Organic-Based Personal Lubricant


Save when you buy a 2oz. set of lubricant and cleaning spray for $14.99 or a 4oz. set for $19.99!

Your skin has a new friend in Top Drawer Toys’ sex toy lube. With a proprietary blend of natural, organic ingredients, our house lube is a treat for anyone’s skin, sensitive or otherwise.

Lube can be a lot of fun, but some products can dry your skin. While sex is certainly worth a little dry skin, wouldn’t you rather be silky smooth? With Top Drawer Toys’ Get Busy lubricant, you get all fun and frolic with none of the dry skin!

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Get Busy Personal Lubricant

Get Busy, Top Drawer Toys’ house lube, is formulated exclusively from ingredients that pamper your skin with naturally derived gentleness. Organic aloe juice combines skin-loving Vitamin C with silky natural plant cellulose. Supported by the legendary power of hyaluronic acid, this condom-compatible product is pH balanced for healthy, touchable skin. What’s sexier than that? Sex toy lube that loves your skin is what we’ve produced with Get Busy. And Get Busy is safe to use with all your toys. This carefully formulated product is proof-positive that lubes with natural and organically derived ingredients are safer to use in so many ways. You’ll play safer with Get Busy.

Lube Up at Top Drawer Toys

Whether your skin is sensitive or not, softness is a sensual trigger we all respond to. Get softly touchable as you get busy with Get Busy personal lubricant. Feel sexier than ever with this natural, organic-based lube that cares for your skin, your condoms, and your toys. At Top Drawer Toys, we wish you health in all things; but especially in your sex life! Slather Get Busy on G Rocker or Box Rocker, then follow up with our sex toy cleaner when the party’s over. Use a little or a lot. With Get Busy, your skin gets a treat. Discover the lube that loves your skin at Top Drawer Toys!


  • What is the Get Busy lube made from?
We make our Get Busy lube with: organic aloe juice, plant cellulose, carrageenan, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, and citric acid.
  • Is this lubricant hypoallergenic?
Yes! And it’s also pH-friendly and unscented.
  • What’s the best way to use Get Busy?
Make sure you apply to any area where you desire extra moisture and then have fun!  

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