Remote Sex Toy = More Fun!

You have a remote for just about everything in your life these days it seems, changing the channel on the TV, opening the garage door, and so many other functions. But do you have a remote dildo? No? Well, for heaven’s sake, why not?

A sex toy with a remote control is an innovation you need to leverage! What could be more fun than setting your toy to the desired vibe and thrust? With your hands free, you can attend to the sensual needs of other parts of your body. Alternatively, you can pass the remote to a partner and get a surprise!

If you’re still not convinced of the intrinsic value of a remote sex toy, then read on. Top Drawer Toys is here to show you what you’re missing!

Endless Possibilities

A remote dildo can do a lot more than pleasure you. With a remote in your hands, the sensual possibilities are endless! Long-distance lovers can get their freak on together in cyberspace. What a time to be alive!

Of course, being in the same room has its advantages! And when you have a remote control, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re flying solo, meeting in cyberspace, or interacting with a flesh and blood partner, a remote sex toy allows you to play with each other in a whole new way. And having the remote doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in control of the action. It may mean quite the opposite, which makes things even more fun!

Remote Dildo to Push Your Erotic Limits

Having a remote for your sex toy expands the bandwidth of what erotica means, going from the tactile to the electronic. Being touched without being touched carries a strong erotic charge, translating the human element to a surrogate device. It even sounds sexy!

But probably the most attractive promise of a remote sex toy is the ability to use it anywhere you please. Of course, discretion being the better part of valor, I suggest you keep your naughty public play discreet. Imagine a panty vibe at the movies or a remote-controlled vibrating cock ring at a fine dining establishment. Ding dong! Arousal calling! The remote dildo gives you limitless opportunities for extended foreplay, teasing, and giggly fun!

Foreplay takes on new meaning with a remote sex toy. It can go on for hours, with the person holding the remote delaying orgasm or provoking it when it’s least expected. And that feature of remote play makes your sexcapades even more arousing. Not knowing what’s coming next or who’s coming next opens new frontiers of pleasurable teasing and pleasing. Your imagination is at the center of sex play with a remote, inviting you to the adventure of expanded erotic limits.

Practice Makes Perfect

Close up of plaster statue with finger caressing own nipple.

The remote dildo is your friend. Take your time. Kick back and get to know its functions by spending some of your chill time exploring what it can do. Either solo or with a partner, put it to work! You or your partner might be the voyeur watching from the corner of the room, as possibilities are explored.

Or play with your new remote sex toy while you’re working around the house. Laundry gets a whole lot more fun when you have a little friend to help you whistle while you work. Or maybe give your partner the remote and say, “Surprise me!” Stacking the dishwasher just found its secret mojo.

A Revolutionary Remote Sex Toy

The revolutionary Box Rocker, engineered for your total pleasure, is the customizable evolution of the sex machine. With its own remote control, you choose exactly the experience you desire.

With Box Rocker, you’re in charge. You choose the vibration setting, thrust speed and depth, refining your settings until you arrive at orgasmic Nirvana! Use the included hands-free strap for even more freedom. And Box Rocker’s water resistant, so take it in the shower! A remote dildo was never quite so accommodating!

Whisper quiet Box Rocker keeps play on the down low. Only your gasps of ecstasy give the game away! With automatic thrust that powers through even the most earth-shattering orgasm, Box Rocker takes your sex toy play to the moon, dispensing pleasure like you’ve never experienced before.

Read all about the Box Rocker revolution, then get your very own and get to work with an innovative sex toy that changes everything!

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