Fun With Lube!

Personal lubricant is more than a functional part of sex. Lube is fun! Slippery, slidy lube has been around since 1919, with the introduction of the venerable KY Jelly. But did you know that human beings have been using lube for sex for thousands of years? Natural substances like carrageenan extracted from seaweed and olive oil have been helping human beings get jiggy for many happy millennia.

Lube reduces friction during skin-to-skin contact, especially during penetrative sex. This effect helps to prevent condom breakage that could lead to pregnancy or the transmission of STIs. Lube also makes penetrative sex, both anal and vaginal, infinitely more comfortable for the same reason, adding some necessary glide to prevent pulling and tearing of the skin.

But most of all, lube is tons of fun. So, let’s read more about how to apply lube to make your playtime even more delicious!

Lube Is Your Friend

Men (and women) whose partners are women need to understand that lube is their friend. Using lube for sex doesn’t mean you’ve failed in your mission to turn your lover’s crank. Natural lubrication is amazing but a little extra slip on that slide keeps the party going. Remember: it’s not a commentary on your seductive powers!

Using lube means you understand that sex is supposed to feel amazing and that it’s intended to be approached as a sensual undertaking, not a race to the finish line. Lube is also an ally for fans of “slow food” sex. When sex is about the journey and not the destination, lube gives you a chance to slow down and take in the erotic journey, using the properties of personal lubricant as an enhancement. Pour a little sugar on it with lube and be richly rewarded. Let’s find out how to apply lube to amp up the fun!

Getting to Know Lube

Of course, you’re going to test drive that lube before getting slippery with a friend. If you’re new to using lube for sex, you’ll come to understand more about how it works by playing with it solo. So, bust out your favorite toy and let’s get to work as you learn the wonders of lube.

To start with, a little dab of lube will do. If it’s not enough, add more! That way, you’ll get a feel for how much lube is needed and how long the type of lube you’re using lasts, once in play. How to apply lube effectively is about knowing your product intimately.

A few drops of lube on the business end of a sex toy makes applying it to any part of your body so much more pleasurable because friction is reduced. What’s more, that slippery sensation is oh-so-hot!

Here are a few things to think about when choosing lube:

  • Water-based: Supremely popular for its kindness to sensitive skin and easy cleanup, water-based lube is safe for use with condoms and sex toys. The only problem is that water-based lubes don’t have much-staying power, so you’ll be reapplying frequently.
  • Silicone-based: Long-lasting and ultra-slippery, silicon-based lube is a great bet with most toys – platinum-cured silicone toys included – and great for anal play. But be sure about compatibility prior to purchase.
  • Oil-based: If you’re using lube for sex with condoms, oil-based lubes are off the table as they’re not compatible with latex and can cause breakage. Advantage: long-lasting and silky!
  • Look for: Lubes that contain no glycerin (sugars in lube can provoke yeast infections) or paraben and are free of petrochemical products.
Hand with painted, red nails holds banana while lube is poured over it.

Using Lube For Sex

You’ve got a friend in lube, ready to slip and slide you through even the most intense sexual encounter. And lube is not just for genitals. Lube is for any part of the body that requires a little less friction and a lot more sensuality. And it makes playing with sex toys so much better, solo or otherwise!

Lube on nipples or perineum elevates foreplay. And for frottage fans, lube makes your play so much easier, more intense, and infinitely more sensual. Getting creative with lube is part of the fun. Once you get to know its many tantalizing uses, you’ll want to buy the large economy size! Personal lubricant opens the door to new experiences, new sensations, and a world of fun. And once that door’s open, you’ll be wondering what took you so long to get on the lube train!

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