Masturbation for Pain & Stress Relief

The act of self-love expresses a profound connection with your body. Masturbation, in truth, is about self-care, due to its numerous health benefits. And not all those benefits concern physical health. While the mind and body are one, there are health issues that are specifically associated with the mind and others, with physical processes. Masturbation both relieves stress and eases pain, as the body-mind connection enables a healing collaboration.

Masturbation is a physically centered practice that impacts the mind through the release of “feel good” chemicals and neurotransmitters that shift our mood, imparting a compelling sense of overall wellness. Let’s talk about masturbation and how it can serve your holistic overall health and your sexual health at the same time.

How Does Masturbation Relieve Stress?

Dopamine is the happiest chemical in the human body. When it joins forces with sexy oxytocin and pain-relieving endorphins, it’s because you’re having an orgasm. That’s one tasty chemical soup!

The tasty chemical soup unleashed by an orgasm imparts overall wellbeing and the sense that everything is right in your world. And that soup is also responsible for relieving stress, primarily due to the presence of sexy oxytocin – the love hormone. With respect to masturbation for pain relief, these chemicals produce a similar effect.

Oxytocin is the orgasmic key to relieving stress with masturbation. The love hormone reduces cortisol – the stress hormone – which is also responsible for anxiety. Dopamine induces a euphoric sensation with a vestigial effect that can aid sleep and temper the obsessive, negative thoughts that often accompany it. But the adrenaline released by an orgasm regulates your heart rate and the diameters of air passages and blood vessels. All these may be impacted by stress, with possible consequences for the heart. 

How Does Masturbation Work for Pain Relief?

As I’ve already said, the orgasm’s victory over pain is predominantly embodied in endorphins. Endorphins go forth to reduce the power of pain signals sent by the brain. Working with the other chemicals in play during orgasm, the effect on pain is immediate if temporary, just as it is to relieve stress with masturbation. 

In fact, the power of the orgasm in combating pain is quite awe-inspiring. Anecdotal reports claiming that masturbation relieves pain from migraines and headaches are abundant. But science is now finding evidence in support of those anecdotes.

Menstruating women will also happily tell you that they masturbate while on their monthly cycles. The contractions caused by orgasm effectively assist the tasty chemical soup released, creating a chemical-muscular “cure” made by and for the body. Masturbation for period pain relief is a common, monthly practice among menstruating women for good reason.

The Orgasmic Brain and Neurotransmitters

Medical dummy with exposed brain. Masturbation for pain relief

Sent by the central nervous system, neurotransmitters target specific bodily functions at the cellular level These amazing bodily processes provide a glimpse into the physical complexities set in motion by masturbation for pain relief and to relieve stress.

Located in the central nervous system – which includes the brain – and the peripheral nervous system, the endocannabinoid system (ECS) serves both reward and regulation. The endocannabinoids released by the ECS are neurotransmitters that reward behaviors like socializing, eating, exercise, and masturbation! At the same time, the ECS regulates inflammation, pain, anxiety, addiction, and heart function. Learning and memory are also regulated by this incredibly complex system. 

Mood-enhancing serotonin is another neurotransmitter released in the throes of orgasmic ecstasy. Regulating levels of satisfaction, happiness, and optimism, higher levels of serotonin are associated with a sunnier outlook on life.

The intimacy of the brain’s function in the body, working as part of the central nervous system, makes it clear that masturbation is deeply centered in the brain itself. Masturbation that relieves stress is powerful medicine indeed, implicating the fullness of our complex human organism on a mission of self-care as self-love. 

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