Portable Sex Machines

How does the Box Rocker stack up?

Shrouded in folklore and fantasy, the sex machine is a motorized sex toy capable of delivering powerful orgasms with the rapid-fire thrusting action they’re famous for. For some, a sex machine is as simple as a power tool with a sex toy mounted on it. But most sex machines are much more technologically sophisticated than any MacGyver solution could hope to be.

Box Rocker from Top Drawer Toys is an answer to the sex machine but how does this innovative portable sex machine stack up? Let’s find out in this exploration of home sex machines vs. Box Rocker!

An Illustrious History

The sex machine didn’t leap from the interwebs fully formed. Early sex machines, like most of their modern counterparts, were not at all portable. Unwieldy and noisy, the earliest iteration of the sex machine was named “The Manipulator”, bursting onto the scene in 1869. Invented by Dr. George Taylor, The Manipulator was steam-powered, pre-dating the age of electricity. Its working components were housed in a neighboring room with the “business end” accessible in the room next door. So, The Manipulator was a little bit “glory hole” and a little bit “sex toy”, only adding to the mystique of what we know as the sex machine!

But how have home sex machines evolved in the age of electricity and binary code? Surely they’ve become less unwieldy and noisy?

Home Sex Machines: Things to Know

When you say “sex machine”, the first thing people tend to think of is BDSM. And yes – the sex machine is a mainstay of BDSM just as surely as crops and floggers are. But the sex machine has many guises and uses. Primarily, this type of large-scale sex toy has a voyeuristic appeal, often seen in use at sex parties as part of the fun.

But if you use that sex machine at home and you live in an apartment, your neighbors are going to know. No matter how discreet you believe you are, fire that puppy up and you’ll be setting the pictures on the walls to “rattling”.

This is one of the primary drawbacks of the sex machine, despite its orgasmic potency. Another of course is size. These machines, especially the top sellers, are large and heavy. They’re also loud. But probably the biggest drawback of home sex machines, as opposed to portable ones, is the price. 

Home sex machines can cost thousands of dollars. And while they’re showy, imparting a sense of mechanized novelty and sexual display, they’re also incredibly awkward. There is no person attached to the machine, so having sex with one of these behemoths is a learned skill! The body is positioned to the toy to achieve the desired sensations, which can be complicated until you get the hang of it.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The sex machine enthusiast wants the thrusting power offered by this style of sex toy as it provides orgasms that readily curl your nose hairs. The BDSM angle is also very attractive for many. Some even like the noise, cumbersome construction, and awkwardness of home sex machines, as they add to their style of fun.

But there’s a style of fun for everyone and sex machines aren’t everyone’s style. For those seeking sex machines that are portable, quiet, and lightweight, there’s the innovative Box Rocker from Toy Drawer Toys.

The Discreet Portable Sex Machine That Keeps Your Fun Private

box rocker

If you’d prefer your roommates and neighbors remain blissfully unaware of your erotic exploits, the Box Rocker is here to help. With all the thrusting and vibrating power of a sex machine, the diminutive, lightweight Box Rocker is a discreet home sex machine, indeed.

Box Rocker’s small size makes it a candidate for the nightstand drawer. And weighing under 2 pounds, it’s ultra-portable. And I mean that in the sexiest way possible! With the included hands-free strap, you’re free to let your hands explore and try out positions that you otherwise couldn’t. Careful, though! Your knees may buckle from the earth-shattering orgasms you’ll be enjoying!

Expertly engineered for discretion, you won’t hear a peep out of Box Rocker. Surprisingly quiet, portable sex machine Box Rocker’s whisper-quiet operation keeps your sexual adventures private. And what adventures you’ll have!

Portable Sex Machines are Versatile!

I suppose it’s exciting to load your home sex machine into the back of the pickup, disguising it with a tarp to convey it to your friendly, neighborhood sex party. But with the portable Box Rocker sex machine, you can tuck your little buddy away in its discreet cloth bag and take it on the road! So, if you’re off to a party with some of your most intimate friends, you can leave the pickup at home and take an Uber! But you can also take Box Rocker on a long weekend getaway.

And how you choose to ride Box Rocker is limited only by your imagination. With the included remote control, you set the pace. Or pass it to a friend and relinquish control! Take your water-resistant Box Rocker in the shower for a romp, strapped on, or placed on a shower bench or stool. Lie down, stand up, sit on it, or let your lover take the reins. Whatever you do with Box Rocker, it’s going to be orgasmically delicious.

Features-Rich and Powerful

Comparison chart showing all the benefits of the box rocker.

Box Rocker is under 2 pounds of customizable fun! With stroke length adjustable between .5” and 3.5”, you’re in charge of the experience. Control thrust speed and vibration mode for a totally tailored session. And even as you climax, Box Rocker powers through the most awe-inspiring orgasm, with 14 pounds of thrusting power. This small but fierce portable sex machine is deceptively capable!

Home sex machines have a place in the world of sex toys. Their audience is large and growing. But for those who value discretion, versatility, and a sexual experience that’s highly personalized, Box Rocker is the lightweight, whisper-quiet toy that completely changes the game. This hybrid sex toy/sex machine has revolutionized the form in a thrusting, vibrating pleasure ally that brings the fun without the noise.

A Revolution in Portable Sex Machines

Top Drawer Toys has engineered the innovative Box Rocker for the toe-curling pleasure of everybody and every body. Discover this versatile thrusting sex toy today and receive full-sized organic-based lube and cleaner!

The Box Rocker is revolutionary and dedicated to the sexual health and satisfaction of all! Discover the compact power of this silent but oh-so-satisfying sex toy! Step up your sexy time with Box Rocker!

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