Tips For Using Sex Toys in the Shower

There is power in the shower! We all love a little shower time fun but it pays to have a strategy for using sex toys in the shower before you get wet! And that’s what this post is all about. Switching up the location of your sex play brings it an element of intrigue and adventure. So, Top Drawer Toys would like to share some shower sex play tips and positions with you to move you toward mastery of shower games.

Slippery When Wet

The floor is slippery and there’s soap involved, so things can get challenging once you’re both in there. But being aware of the danger before you get too hot and heavy can prevent unfortunate accidents – especially accidents involving the attendance of EMTs! A slip-proof rubber mat in your shower stall will certainly help prevent accidents resulting from the enthusiastic use of sex toys in the shower!

Keep the water temperature nice and hot because nothing’s less erotic than shivering with cold as you try to get hot and steamy. Turn on the shower and let it run for a few minutes, so your bathroom is steaming hot once you climb in. But watch your step! Face down on the floor is not a shower sex position! So, if you’re with a partner and lathering each other up is your foreplay, take care to rinse yourselves off thoroughly before lubing up and getting busy.

Use Lube in the Shower With Sex Toys

Anyone who has ever attempted a steamy shower session knows that water, while slippery, is not lube. Neither is soap, which can irritate delicate genital skin. In fact, not using lube can cause skin to be pulled and even torn, so use lube for your shower fun. Top Drawer Toys’ organically-based Get Busy lube provides an excellent lubricating effect, naturally.

While you’re in the shower having sex, the most important position is where your lube’s at! Because you’ll be having so much fun you won’t want to get out, once you get going! Keep that lube close by for quick and dirty reapplications.

Positions for Sex in the Shower With Toys

Woman showering before using sex toys in the shower.

Ride It!

If you have a shower bench or your shower is a tub/shower combo, you have a convenient place to sit. If not, try squatting. With the water-resistant Box Rocker from Top Drawer Toys, you can strap your toy on with the hands-free strap and go to town. 

The Soapy Shoulder

If you’re with a partner, turn your back to them or have them turn their back to you for easier insertion of the sex toy. Bending one leg at the knee (of the receiving partner) and holding that leg steady makes for easier play.

Sneaky Sudsy

With Box Rocker’s remote control, things can get interesting! Partner play is super spicy with this secret weapon, especially when one of you is in the shower, sexually engaging with your revolutionary sex toy and the other has stepped out, sneakily changing the game with a slippery surprise! TIP: Make sure there’s a mat on the bathroom floor outside the shower. Accidents can happen there too!

The Best Shower Ever

It’s a cold night after a long day. You step into the shower with Box Rocker, set to your unique preferences. As you shower, Box Rocker goes to work, held in place with the hands-free strap. You get clean while Box Rocker warms the cold night with rub-a-dub-dub, delicious fun for one! Sometimes, the best shower sex positions are made for one lucky, sexy shower nymph!

Box Rocker: A King Among Sex Toys in the Shower

Woman smiles joyfully after using sex toys in the shower

Water-resistant and weighing under 2 pounds, you couldn’t hope for a better pleasure companion than the revolutionary Box Rocker. This incredible sex toy is versatile, powerful, and lightweight, strapping on for hands-free frolic that rocks your world.

Use Box Rocker with a partner for a surprisingly satisfying new wrinkle in your sex play. Fully customizable to your desires, Box Rocker is feature-rich, allowing you to control thrust depth and speed and to set the vibration mode. With a thrust depth ranging from .5” to 3.5”, Box Rocker’s versatility is the spice of your life.

Used with Top Drawer Toys’ house lube and our Get Clean sex toy cleaning spray, you’re set to rock solo or partnered sexcapades with skin-loving, body-safe products that make sex even better.

Discover the whisper-quiet sex machine that’s as lightweight as a vibrator but packs a thrusting, vibrating punch you’ll come to treasure! Get to know Box Rocker, then invite this ready-for-action pleasure companion over for a shower!

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