A Guide to Buying Adult Toys Online

Sex toys are everywhere on the web, all beckoning with promises of the ultimate orgasm! But how in the heck do you learn to buy sex toys? Where’s the handbook?

In this guide, you’ll get the basics about buying sex toys. These simple tips will net you the sex toy you’re looking for. So, if you’ve never bought a sex toy online before and you’re a little nervous, fear not! Top Drawer Toys has the details you need!!

The Right Vendor

The first rule of how to buy sex toys is to choose a reputable vendor. Everyone seems reputable until they’re not, so pay special attention to this rule. Look for customer reviews and secure payment options offered by the vendor. 

Also, take a close look at return policies. A fair and clearly outlined return policy is an indicator that you’re dealing with a stable, reliable vendor you can trust. Be sure that your vendor deals in quality first, with an eye to healthy options (“skin-safe” materials, for example). Buying sex toys from a reputable vendor is always your best move.

Know What You Want

It’s easy to get online, see a picture with a product description and jump the gun. It all looks and sounds so great! But is it what you set out to buy? How to buy a sex toy is to have a clear idea of the toy’s desired effect.

Your best sex toy guide is to know what you want before you go online. Are you after vibration? Do you want a thrusting vibrator? How important is the noise level of any given toy? Do you want a toy that can be used hands-free? In the shower? Knowing what you want before starting your shopping quest will help prevent being seduced by the first “pretty face” you see.

Discretion Assured?

Anonymous cardboard boxes in an empty room.

Another crucial area to check before buying sex toys is shipping. Is it discreet? Will your postal worker be tipped off to what’s in that package? Your neighbors? Packaging, shipping, and secure billing ensure that your privacy is protected.

Reviewing the vendor’s shipping policy is how to buy sex toys with confidence. Look for clear statements on the vendor website that your privacy matters to them. If they go one step further to protect your data, you’ve found a keeper!

You Get What You Pay For

While it may be tempting to pinch a penny here and there, how to buy sex toys intelligently is “without pinching pennies”. You are using this device to derive sexual pleasure, so what it’s made from should certainly not detract from that. The inexpensive jelly toys you’ll see plenty of online are a perfect example. They’re very affordable, but you don’t want to put that anywhere sensitive – not to put too fine a point on it! The plastics jelly toys are made from are porous, meaning they hold bacteria even if you clean them thoroughly. And the phthalates in these toys are dangerous to your health.

Make sure you’re buying sex toys with clear descriptions of the materials used. Know what that material is before you buy. Look it up. Read about it. Don’t buy anything that you might be hesitant to use freely. Sex toys are supposed to be fun; not dangerous! TIPSilicone is your best bet by far!

The Box Rocker from Top Drawer Toys

Because we care about your sexual health, Top Drawers Toys has developed the Box Rocker for everybody and every body. Made from skin-safe silicone, Box Rocker comes with its own full-sized bottle of organic-based lube and toy cleaning spray. And when it arrives, it’s discreetly packaged for your absolute privacy. No one will ever know what’s in that package! And Top Drawer Toys keeps your data safe, too. And that’s how to buy sex toys the smart way!

Box Rocker is everything you want in a sex toy and more. Customizable to your unique preferences, this features-rich dynamo delivers powerful auto-thrusting that can be enjoyed hands-free with the included strap. You can also control thrust depth and vibration mode with the click of a button!

Take Box Rocker in the shower for some water-resistant fun or pass the included remote to a partner for a stimulating surprise! Buying sex toys doesn’t need to be intimidating or complicated when you know about Box Rocker!

Box Rocker is the whisper-quiet sexual revolutionary that weighs under 2 pounds, fits in your nightstand drawer, and charges in a discreet cloth pouch. Discover the innovative Box Rocker!

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