Post-Sex Hygiene: The Cleanup

They say cleanliness is next to godliness but at Top Drawer Toys it’s more like, “Cleanliness is next to sexiness.” Because there’s nothing sexier than robust sexual health that you’re intentional about maintaining.

It’s tempting to leave sexual hygiene to chance as you bask in the warm afterglow of a satisfying session but it’s part of the deal. Let’s talk about how important it is to wash your vagina or penis after sex and why, in this discussion of post-sex hygiene.

Why Sexual Hygiene Matters

In 2018, 68 million US adults acquired an STI (sexually transmitted infection). That figure amounts to 1 in 5 adults. The cost of treatment for this cohort was a whopping $16 billion in the same year, with 20 million new infections acquired in the USA, yearly.

So, one of the greatest challenges facing our collective sexual health is education. In the USA, we pride ourselves on being an advanced and modern nation, but it’s clear that we still haven’t fully grasped the importance of taking care of our sexual health.

Sharing your sexual history with prospective partners should be second nature. Before sexually engaging, our bodies should be clean, our hands washed, and our cards laid on the table. While taking a shower after sex is key, so is the groundwork before getting naked with a new partner. Preventing STIs is key to your wellbeing and that of your partner or partners. Always use condoms or dental dams for both penetrative and oral sex because you matter.

Sexual Hygiene for Toys and Props

Your toys need just as much careful attention as your body does. Any time you use a sex toy or prop (restraints, crops, costuming worn next to the skin), clean it thoroughly and correctly, then stow it away. How to keep yourself safe from STIs is not just about washing your vagina or penis, it’s about having a post-sex cleanup regime for all the fun stuff in your tickle trunk.

Don’t just chuck that vibrator back in the nightstand when you’re done with it. Follow the advice linked above to keep it clean, along with all the other pleasure aids you enjoy playing with! Running a baby wipe over it isn’t enough, friends. Also, always choose silicone sex toys. They’re body-safe and non-porous for simplified cleaning.

Post-Sex Cleanup Tips

Here is the best advice you’ll ever get – leave that douche on the drugstore shelf. Vaginal douching is unhealthy. Introducing chemical soaps can upset the bacterial balance of the vagina. That balance is there to protect your sexual health. Good sexual hygiene counsels that you gently wash your genital area as usual with mild soap and water. The more delicate labia, inner labia, and vaginal opening should be washed with warm water only. It’s also a good idea to keep pubic hair trimmed, especially during the warmer months. 

While the penis may seem pretty basic next to the complexities of female genitalia, there is the foreskin (if present) to consider. That buddy definitely needs your attention. A neutral soap should be used to thoroughly wash the foreskin. Even those with circumcised penises should pay closer attention to the tip/head area as part of a sexual hygiene regime. And trim those pubes, fellas!

Don’t Be “That Guy”

While post-sex cleanup and sexual hygiene are essential to your sexual health, please don’t be “that guy”. Everyone who has had sex with more than one lover will have met the guy in question. They’re the guy who leaps out of bed before you’ve both stopped breathing heavily to scurry to the shower – without you. That’s one version of cleaning up after sex but it’s not very friendly. Make it friendly, sexy people!

Reframe taking a shower after sex as part of your fiesta of naughtiness! Demand that your lover accompany you to the shower because they’ve been downright nasty and terribly naughty. Then put on a cleanup show they’ll never forget. Post-sex cleanup is part of the ritual, so share it with your partner. Make it fun and get passionate about taking care of the cleanup together!

Shower After Sex With Box Rocker

Playful couple having fun after sexual hygiene in the shower after sex.

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