How Diet Impacts Sex/Your Sex Drive

Who you are at the dinner table is who you are in bed. That’s right! You really are what you eat! And how you eat impacts your sex life because it affects your sex drive. In this post, we’ll take a look at diet as the source of low libido and how to eat for better sex!

While I’m sure many of you are tired of hearing about the dangers of fast food, if you’re eating it regularly, the poor nutritional profile of that part of your diet is affecting your health. Let’s talk about specific foods and their impacts on your overall health and sex drive. Then let’s talk about foods that boost your sex drive and healthy food to eat before sex to get you in the zone!

Foods That Put a Fork in Your Sex Drive

The food types you’ll read about here are not to eat before sex. They are, in fact, to be avoided or seldom eaten. If you eat a lot of any of these, you’re undermining your libido.


Lurking in every fizzy cola is a tremendous amount of sugar and harmful phosphorus. But it’s the sugar that really does a number on you. If you’re accustomed to drinking a lot of cola, the extremely high amounts of sugar will provoke a sugar crash and nothing puts the kibosh on sexy time like snoring. So, either cut down or eliminate cola as one of the foods that will kill your sex drive. But take care with sugar, in general, as it’s a libido killer, too!

Fast Food

The unholy trinity of fast food is the addictive combination of sugar, salt, and fat. This complex of addictive substances is even more addictive than its individual components, which is why 1/3 of US citizens eat it at least once a day.

If that describes you, it’s time to make a change. The salt/sugar/fat combo not only contributes to obesity and heart disease, it kills your sex drive. Limit your intake of fast food and anything processed or mass produced. This kind of food kills your sex drive by impacting your health, making it something to eat rarely and never before sex.

Chocolate is Not a Sex Drive Food

Despite its romantic, sexy reputation, chocolate is one food you should never eat before sex to ensure your style is not cramped! Chocolate contains PEA (phenethylamine), which lowers testosterone levels in both men and women. The serotonin and dopamine released by eating chocolate – chemicals also released during erotic play – may reduce the desire (especially in women) for sex. As the need for pleasure has already been met, the desire for sex is reduced. So, for some, chocolate may be better than sex, as has often been rumored!

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Feeding Your Sex Drive With the Right Foods

Nutrition is a huge part of feeling good and feeling physically well is the true basis of good sex and a healthy libido. A balanced diet that includes a high proportion of fruit and vegetables, supported by proteins and complex carbohydrates is the foundation of your overall wellness. Add to that drinking plenty of water and exercising enough and soon, you’ll be enjoying a sex life that will blow your mind! Just add some of these foods to your diet, eating them right before sex to keep you as lusty as a spring day!

  • Ginseng root: The University of Hawaii’s research showed a 68% increase in the libidos of women taking this famed as either an element of cooking or a tea.
  • Broccoli: The Vitamin C in this vegetable makes it a great sex drive food! While broccoli is known to support women’s libido robustly, everyone can benefit from its libido-boosting power. Vitamin C supports ready blood circulation, especially to organs. Now, that’s sexy!
  • Ginger: A powerful, aromatic root, the value of ginger to human health is inestimable. Another circulation booster, ginger also helps you avoid seasonal viruses that can kill your sex drive just as decisively as any food. Eat it in food, as a supplement, or add it to a favorite drink. Ginger is as versatile as it is libido boosting.

A Good Diet is the Sexiest Thing Around

A balanced diet, supported by sex drive foods and a healthy lifestyle are your best tools to support a healthy, happy sex life. At Top Drawer Toys, we believe everyone has the right to sexual health. That’s why we’ve engineered pleasure like you’ve never experienced before with the revolutionary Box Rocker. Discover features-rich personalized pleasure you can enjoy hands-free, in the shower, or anywhere you’re game to!

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