Best Sex Positions for Couples, With Sex Toys

If you’re curious about introducing sex play with toys to your sensual repertoire, Top Drawer Toys welcomes you to this discussion of adding the thrill of adult toys to sexy time. We’re not only glad you found this post, we’re glad you’re thinking about what playing with sex toys can do for you and your lover.

Viewed with suspicion and moral outrage for far too long, sex toys have gone mainstream, with 40% of Americans spending $100 or more on sex toys in 2022. But if you’re new to the wide world of toys, we’ve got the lowdown on best practices and positions, right here at the Sex Toy Blog!

“Play” Is the Keyword

They’re not called “sex toys” for nothing. Sex with toys takes your amorous antics to new heights of fun and sexual pleasure, adding another dimension to your sensual play. Adding a toy to your sexual adventures brings an element of fun-loving exploration and discovery to couple play.

With all that mind, it’s important that both of you hold to the same definition of “fun”. Both lovers need to agree that they want to play with sex toys. And both must agree on the pleasure aid, so don’t raid the local adult toy store, dumping your booty on the kitchen table with a grin! Avoid misunderstandings with clear communication. Let’s talk about the best sex positions for couples using sex toys.

The All Access Couple Sex Position

What the All Access is all about is acclimatizing yourselves to using a sex toy. New sensations must be enjoyed fully. So, the All Access encourages mutual exploration before any kind of penetration takes place.

Be sure to use lube before rubbing your partner the right way. This will help your new bedroom buddy glide effortlessly over your lover’s body. Rub it here, slide it there, and try different vibration settings. Your first job is getting used to the way the toy feels. Sex with toys adds an electronic element to your sensual play that’s exhilaratingly unfamiliar, so the All Access gives both your bodies a needed heads up. 

Going to the Edge

Edging is a thrilling sexual practice that takes you to the very edge of orgasm – then leaves you hanging! Being repeatedly denied an orgasm that’s just about to happen is unbelievably erotic. You’re challenged to stay in the pleasure of the moment until the fullness of that pleasure washes over you like a tsunami!

Adding edging to your sex play with toys is even more fun. The toy adds new, welcome vibrations, while the partner in charge of the play has more control over the festivities. The bonus of the Edge sex position for couples is that you’ll both collect useful data about what gets you off. And that is life-changing!

The Stranger

Couple in a bar engaging in role play and covert sex with toys.

Your bedroom is a safe, private place but sometimes taking your fun on the road can be utterly thrilling. And with today’s covert, under-the-radar sex toys, pretty well anything’s possible. When anything’s possible, the sexual adventure is endless!

Just add a touch of basic role play and the Stranger becomes an erotic tale of things that go “bump” in the night. This couple sex position is for people who like a little naughtiness with dinner, drinks, or an innocent picnic in the park. You’re strangers, but not for long, especially when one of you – or both of you – has their finger on the trigger of a remote control, discreetly tucked in a purse or a pocket. This hands-free sex play with toys is your naughty little secret. Let the games begin!

A Versatile Friend Who Does It All

Top Drawer Toys has created the versatile Box Rocker, a sex toy like no other. Box Rocker, thrusts and vibrates just like a sex machine. But unlike most sex machines, Box Rocker is whisper quiet, keeping your fun undercover. And Box Rocker weighs less than 2 pounds, so strap it on with the included hands-free strap and hop in the shower. It’s water-resistant, too!

But the best part, for the purposes of this post about playing with sex toys, is the included remote control. Imagine the naughty fun you can get up to with Box Rocker’s adjustable thrust speed and thrust length. Never mind its customizable vibration mode! Strap it on and stand up or walk around. Sit, squat, or lay down. Any way you choose to put Box Rocker to work, you’ll experience pleasure like never before. Of course, whoever’s holding the remote calls the shots. Revolutionize your sex life with the versatile Box Rocker and these sex positions for couples!

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