Choosing the Best Sex Toys for Couple Play

You’ve had the “sex toy talk”. You’ve discussed all the benefits of enjoying sex toys together. So, now it’s time for the two of you to select from the dizzying array of sex toys crowding the market. 

But how do you choose the best sex toys to enjoy together? The first rule is not to let yourself get stressed out by the variety of fun sex toys for couples available. Let Top Drawer Toys take all the stress away with this post. We’ll fill you in on some guidelines for finding exactly the kind of fun you want to have the best sex toy experience possible

Knowing What You Both Want

Before embarking on your mission to purchase a couple’s sex toy, it helps to understand your mutual expectations. What do you want your little buddy to do? Where do you want it to be used? Is it an anal toy? Is it vaginal? Does it vibrate? Does it thrust? Can you strap that baby on? Agreeing to a mutual wish list narrows down your search considerably.

Remember that this toy needs to make you both happy, so be sure to delineate your needs before either going online or walking into a sex shop. And if it’s your first time buying, online is probably the least public way to get what you need. Remember that keeping your purchase a secret makes obtaining sex toys for couples even more fun! It’s a sexy secret, shared by you two.

Couple’s  Sex Toy Materials

Sex toys are made from a wide range of materials and not all of them belong in or on your body. At Top Drawer Toys, we believe in the power of silicone – the safest, most durable sex toy material and also the most commonly used in quality sex toys.

You’ll also be safe with materials like wood, steel and glass. Avoid jelly toys, which are porous. Even when properly cleaned, bacteria can be retained by jelly sex toys. Whatever you do, use a condom with your toy. Taking this step adds an additional layer of protection. Have fun with your new sex toy but play safe, loving couples! Bacteria left on your sex toy can interfere with your sexual health and that’s not fun!

The Joy of Sex Toys for Couples

Women draped in fairy lights about to kiss.

The love between two people can remain as constant as the day is long, but sometimes the spark needs a reboot. Sex toys for couples are all about that reboot. Your sex life BST (Before Sex Toy) was just the two of you. Now there’s a stimulating new presence joining in, stoking the fire and keeping it lit!

And if one or both of you is mobility challenged, a sex toy can really help, especially if you take the extra step of springing for a specially designed cushion to help with positioning. There are so many ways you can continue to enjoy sex with mobility challenges, coupled or solo, with some of the amazing supports now on the market. For couples at all stages of life and all levels of physical ability, sex toys for couples can help you keep the joy and fun of sex in your lives!

Box Rocker: One of the Best Couple’s Sex Toys

For all couples of whatever sexuality or gender, Box Rocker has arrived to rave reviews. This sex toy is for couple or solo use, creating a pleasing compromise between a sex machine and a vibrator. Without the bulk and noise of most sex machines, Box Rocker delivers orgasmic power and pleasure like you’ve never experienced before. And with its handy remote control, imagine all the sexy hijinx you can get up to!

This revolutionary couple’s sex toy brings excitement to your couples play, with fine customization you can set and forget, once you find the magic combination of settings. Choose your thrust speed and length. Choose your vibe. Strap Box Rocker on for mobile fun or take it in the shower because Box Rocker is water resistant! And weighing in at under 2 pounds, Box Rocker conveniently tucks away in the nightstand drawer.

Delivering powerful orgasms for both of you, Box Rocker barely makes a sound, keeping your private activities on the down low. Whisper quiet, your couples sex toy fun is for you two and you two alone!

Discover the Power of Box Rocker

Finding the best couple’s sex toys may seem daunting but Box Rocker narrows your search, with its wealth of customizable features and versatility. With plenty of fun for both of you, you may want to keep Box Rocker all to yourself, sometimes. And that’s OK too! Because fun sex toys for couples are there to be enjoyed to the fullest, even when one of you isn’t around.

Discover the power of versatile, innovative Box Rocker. This revolutionary, customizable sex toy delivers on-demand orgasms for the most fun you’ve ever had with your pants off!

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