Roleplaying & Sex Toys

If you could be anyone, who would you be? And if you could invent a fantasy sexual scenario, what would it look like? Roleplay brings fresh horses to your erotic escapades. By inhabiting a fantasy persona, be it French maid, fireman, or cheerleader, roleplay provides an opportunity to inhabit your sex life as a character – someone who’s not you. With roleplay, you’re an actor playing a sexy part.

Erotic roleplay allows couples to “put on” the attributes of an imaginary third party for the sake of sexual pleasure. All the world’s a stage, Shakespeare wrote. So, why shouldn’t that include the bedroom? Let’s dive into roleplaying and how sex toys can make it even more exciting.

Dress Up Play for Adults

Before you get started with roleplay sex, have a clear idea of where you’re going. Don’t spring some crazy sex dragon costume on your partner without notice. Have a chat. Know why you’re interested in adding roleplay to your erotic repertoire and share that with your partner. Start a conversation that magnifies the fun of pretending to be someone different.

And when you add a sex toy to the mix, roleplay becomes even hotter. Who’s got the toy? Who’s got the remote? What’s the scenario? The possibilities for memorable scenarios are only limited by your imagination. And I’m sure you’ve got a good one if you’re reading this!

Safe, Sensitive Erotic RolePlay

In any roleplay sex, like all other sex, the most important component is consent. Consent is the bedrock of sexual health. So, no matter how enticing your mad fantasy is, it must be consented to. Its erotic content must titillate your partner as much as it does you.

Boundaries need to be established. At Top Drawer Toys, we discuss the importance of boundaries regularly because everyone has the right to say “no”. And everyone has the right to boundaries that safeguard personal integrity. Being sensitive to your partner’s vision of roleplay factors into the pleasure you’ll both derive because when everyone’s happy, how can the sex be anything but bombastic?

So, part of the conversation you have with your partner about roleplay sex should establish boundaries for both of you. Be clear and upfront with each other to prevent misunderstandings. Also, if you’re planning to layer BDSM with erotic roleplay, agree on a safe word that means something to both of you.

Roleplay Sex With a Sex Toy


Does that sound like a lot for you erotic roleplay newbies? Maybe, but once you’re in the roleplay groove, you’ll want to bring a sex toy to the party. Believe me! Stir a sex toy into the mix and you’ve concocted an incendiary brew of orgasmic proportions!

You may be meeting in a remote location. Perhaps that location is in public. You’re the traveling sales shark with a “unique item” you’d love to show to the honey draped over a leather sofa in the hotel bar. The two of you flirt shamelessly, lingering over your drinks. A little tipsy, you drift innocently to the elevators and then, to the “sales shark’s room” and a demonstration of that mysteriously unique item. With a sex toy, the storyline of your roleplay sex can be even more erotically charged than it already is.

Invite Box Rocker to Your Erotic Roleplay

A revolution in sex toys, Box Rocker from Top Drawer Toys brings you pleasure like you’ve never experienced before. Features-rich and customizable, the Box Rocker is designed to rock your world. For roleplay sex, solo fun, or just a Monday night, Box Rocker dispenses pleasure your way.

Whisper quiet, Box Rocker is a lightweight sex machine, weighing in at under 2 pounds. Strap it on with the hands-free strap included and go anywhere. You can even take Box Rocker in the shower because it’s water resistant! And with the remote, your wish is Box Rocker’s command. Adjust vibration type, thrust speed, and thrust length to your preferences for the sexual experience you desire.

Erotic roleplay brings fantasy and fun into your sex life. And once you’re a veteran, adding the excitement of a sex toy is a natural evolution. Find out more about Top Drawer Toys’ innovative Box Rocker. Make Box Rocker your sexy roleplay’s best-supporting actor and discover Oscar-worthy orgasms ready for their closeups!

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