6 Ways to Have Better Orgasms

Orgasms are an unparalleled human experience beloved by most adults. In this post, you’ll read about how to have better orgasms because at Top Drawer Toys, we believe that the mind-blowing orgasm is your joyful human inheritance. 

The inestimable value of orgasms to your sexual and overall health demands a thoughtful approach to them. You love them! Wouldn’t you like them to be even better? In this post, we’ll throw down some tips for mightier climaxes that you may not have considered before, with 6 ways to have better orgasms. Prepare to think orgasmically!

  1. Physical Exercise

If you don’t like exercise, it’s because you don’t do enough of it. Exercise is one of the most reliable, efficient, and productive ways to improve sexual response, overall. Sadly not many understand that exercise is how to have better orgasms

Your overall health contributes enormously to orgasm quality. This is one of those tips some may prefer to ignore but a body in good working order has greater endurance due to excellent health in heart, lungs, and everywhere else. You’ll come to love exercise when you realize that you’ve been denying yourself the powerful orgasms you’ll enjoy with a healthier body. This orgasm tip is a gift to yourself you’ll come to cherish.

  1. Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises tighten the PC (pubococcygeus) muscle, known commonly as the pelvic floor. By performing these exercises, you tighten the PC, which holds human reproductive organs – male and female – in place. This is how to have better orgasms by a completely different route than overall physical exercise. And here’s an extra orgasm tip you’ll love – you can make yourself orgasm by Kegeling, hands-free!

Kegel exercises improve sexual endurance and the quality of orgasm. The resulting strength of your PC muscle means you’re delaying or preventing bladder incontinence later in life, too. Bonus!

  1. Mindful Masturbation

Mindful masturbation is a wonderful way to improve orgasm quality. Making masturbation a mindful activity contributes to a greater knowledge of your pleasure cycle and the way you arrive at orgasm. What are the warning signs that you’re about to blow? What can you share with your partner? How to have better orgasms is thinking seriously about how, when, and why you come. 

Your body and mind are part of a communicative organism, so be mindful of your body’s messages to better understand your orgasmic arc. Use your solo sex time as an exploration of your inner sexual world and how it whispers your body into a response. If you’re coupled, this orgasm tip is to be shared, so don’t get too dedicated to your practice. “Mindful” is a keyword!

  1. How to Have Better Orgasms by Managing Stress

Stress can rob us of our libidos, so managing it in concrete, intentional ways is an important orgasm tip it wouldn’t be fair not to mention. Sexual health and overall health are served when you manage your stress with some simple lifestyle tweaks.

We’ve already talked about exercise but putting aside time to read a book, cook a meal, or go for a walk are too often undervalued as stress relievers. Good sex is part of self-care, including solo sex. But holistic self-care feeds your sexual health. Love yourself enough to move away from the world every now and then. Nurture your wellbeing. It’s an antidote to stress and a way toward better orgasms.

  1. Release Your Mind to the Beauty
“Free” spelled out in LED letters behind people dancing, after getting orgasm tips.

Being human is beautiful and so are orgasms. But to truly enter into the fullness of orgasm with all that you are, fantasy that’s free to roam where it will is how your mind is released, liberating you to have better orgasms.

One of the best orgasm tips you’ll ever get is to let your fantasies run free. Don’t be freaked out by their content. Just let your body respond to where your mind is going to enjoy an orgasm you didn’t know you had in you!

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