The Benefits of Sex Toy Use

Not so long ago, the use of sex toys was not widely embraced or even accepted. But today, sex toys have come out of the closet. Everywhere you look, you’ll find buzz about them. And that’s not surprising, considering that 86% of US adults between the ages of 25 and 29 as well as 40 and 44, own sex toys. But these two demographic samples are not alone. The demographic showing the lowest sex toy uptake was people 60 and older, at a respectable 65%. As you can see, sex toys are an incredibly hot topic no matter who you’re talking to.

So, if you’re still on the fence about using sex toys, here’s your chance to find out what they can do for you. Let’s talk about the benefits of sex toys and how they can support your sexual health.

Yes, sex toys are good for you. That’s the short answer. A slightly more involved response would point out that sex toy use is practiced not only for the purpose of obtaining an orgasm but for the sensual journey that leads you to that destination. Sex toys extend sex play, adding excitement and novelty.

Are Sex Toys Good For You?

The benefits of sex toys are numerous, so we’re going to review some of the most pressing reasons every consenting adult should consider owning one. Sex toys aren’t intended to replace the act of coupling. They’re intended to add a sensual dimension that wouldn’t normally be accessible during sex. What’s not to like about more of a good thing? Sex toy use isn’t just for solo players. They have a place in coupled sex, too.

No More Sleepless Nights

Between 50 and 70 million people in the USA have difficulty sleeping or struggle with sleep disorders. They’re married, single, cohabiting, and living solo. Sex toy use before bed can liberate them from their sleepless nights.

Many people masturbate prior to sleep because the quality of their rest improves. They also fall asleep more quickly. But one of the benefits of sex toys in terms of masturbation is that they’re more energetically efficient than the human hand. With advantages like vibration and automatic thrusting, sex toys get you to the fiesta faster. And when you’re trying to get some sleep, time is of the essence! But a sex toy can also create the opposite effect when that’s preferred!

Use Sex Toys to Make the Party Last

The sex toy world is full of little tricks and helpers that can extend sexy time, bringing fresh ideas to the bedroom. One of these helpful items is the cock ring. When worn, the cock ring can prolong the firmness and quality of an erection, keeping the party going. Some models come equipped with vibration to add to the fun.

A sex toy can be anything from a feather tickler to a sex machine, with plenty of interesting and session-expanding toys to choose from in between. The diversity of sex toys offers a universe of possibilities. 

Catering to the diversity of human sexuality, the benefits of sex toys for varied, intensified sex between loving couples are unlimited. Introducing a sex toy to your erotic encounters presents new and fascinating sexual horizons, encouraging exploration and teaching you more about each other as you adventure together. Remember – talk with your partner about sex toy use before springing into action!

The Orgasmic Benefits of Sex Toys

Orgasm is the pillar of your sexual health. Orgasms support better heart health, sleep and improve overall health, when experienced regularly. And sex toys represent the most efficient and reliable means of producing mind-melting orgasms – on demand!

Whether coupled or otherwise, sex toys create both intellectual and physical excitement that translates into heightened arousal. For solo sex toy users, orgasms experienced with sex toys are intense. The user is empowered with versatility through toy functions like vibration, allowing them to climax at their own pace. Further, solo users of sex toys discover new areas of stimulation and new ways of stimulating them, adding to their sexual self-knowledge.

The Perfect Sex Toy Is Out There

As I mentioned earlier, the sex toy universe is as wildly diverse as human sexuality. So, take your time finding the right fit. Everything isn’t for everyone. You may shy away from some things and gravitate toward others. Just know that 86% of two demographic groups is only the tip of the US sex toy iceberg. Know that no matter who you are as a sex toy user, your toy is out there and only because there’s a demand for it. 

And there is diverse demand because humans are sexually diverse. So, you’re not alone. Don’t be shy about what appeals to you. Try that sex toy without guilt. Everyone deserves to reap the benefits of sex toys as part of their sexual health regimen.

The Benefits of Sex Toys, Refined

Dark haired woman surrounded by yellow flowers laughs joyfully

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You customize your Box Rocker experience using its innovative features. You choose the thrust length and speed as well as the vibe that meets your needs. And with the hands-free strap, Box Rocker can be used anywhere you please, standing, sitting, squatting, or lying down. With the remote control, just about anything’s possible! You can even slip into the shower for some splishy splashy fun with your new friend, Box Rocker.

Veteran sex toy users will be thrilled with Box Rocker’s versatility. At under 2 pounds, this is a conveniently lightweight pleasure companion you need to meet! Discover the Box Rocker, a revolution in sex toys. Experience pleasure like you’ve never experienced before!

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