Hands Free Strap

Presenting the Box Rocker Wearable Dildo

The Box Rocker is an extraordinary sex toy you can wear. But this innovative dildo is a revolution in hands-free sex toys because it’s lightweight, quiet, and one of the most powerful vibrators you’ll ever use.

The hands-free strap offers you endless sexual potential. Used for solo play, Box Rocker frees your hands to get busy elsewhere. Used with a partner, the sky’s the limit! Walk around as Box Rocker pleases you or let your lover take control. With this exceptional sex toy, enjoying your sexuality is a peak experience.

Look! No Hands!

The versatility of the Box Rocker wearable dildo is inherent in its wealth of features. It happily dispenses orgasms for everyone – hands-free!

You get to set the pace. Choose speed, stroke, length, and vibration intensity. Choose to stand or lay down. At only 2 pounds, the lightweight Box Rocker is also whisper quiet. Box Rocker exceeds expectations for hands-free sex toys, with quietly discreet operation and a session that moves when you move.

Your Wearable Dildo: Ready When You Are

Nothing turns a good night into a great night faster than a roaring good orgasm. We all love them and we all deserve them. At Top Drawer Toys, we’ve engineered the incredible Box Rocker for your pleasure. Have it your way with Box Rocker, standing ready when you are, to deliver hot, fresh orgasms precisely as requested. Top Drawer Toys has created this powerful sex toy to stand in the pleasure gap!

Welcome to Top Drawer Toys, home of the Box Rocker. We invite you to explore this revolution in hands-free sex toys and to fall in love with its features and versatility. We hope you’ll soon experience the most intense pleasure you’ve ever known, with the Box Rocker.