What Are Thrusting Vibrators?

Vibrators have been around since the 19th Century, originally used by their inventive creator – a certain Dr. Granville – to treat impotence in men by stimulating the perineum. Since then, the development of the vibrator has accelerated. And with so many on the market, it’s difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff to find the best thrusting dildo.

Following the rise of the vibrator, the thrusting sex toy was developed and many of these sex toys also vibrate. But what are thrusting vibrators? How do they work? And which, of the dizzying array on the market, is the best thrusting vibrator?

What They Do and How They Work

The thrusting vibrator has a mechanized device embedded inside the toy’s shaft. Usually created to resemble a penis, a sex toy’s internal machinery is what makes it super special, if it’s a thrusting and/or vibrating toy.

Using the engineering concept of axial load, the toy’s inner mechanism produces an upward thrusting motion to replicate the feel of penetrative sex. This allows the sex toy to stroke the vagina as a penis would during intercourse. By stimulating the nerve-ending rich vagina (or any other human erogenous zone, from the anus to the navel), pleasure is achieved. And when vibration is added – BOOM! So, with the mechanics covered, let’s find out which are the best thrusting dildos.

The Best Thrusting Vibrators Today

A thrusting vibrator is the pinnacle of the form, especially when it has an array of features that allows you to customize the experience to your pleasure. And the ever-burgeoning sex toy market has plenty of them, which is great because it means your ideal sex toy is out there, waiting to be discovered. The best thrusting dildos are those that fulfill the needs of end users. Everyone’s different! And everyone has sexual preferences.

Until very recently, sex machines have been mostly noisy, large, and clumsy devices. Most are also incredibly expensive, making them somewhat inaccessible. While the traditional sex machine fulfills a role, especially in the BDSM community, these giants of pleasure are not exactly items you can tuck in the nightstand drawer. Fortunately today, the sweet spot has been found between the traditional vibrator and the sex machine. That sweet spot’s name is Box Rocker.

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Box Rocker – the Best Thrusting Vibrator You’ll Find

Box Rocker is a revolutionary sex toy occupying the thrusting vibrator-sex machine sweet spot. This incredible device brings you the delight of both thrust and vibration. And that’s about all it has in common with the standard sex machine or sex toy. Without doubt, this is the best thrusting dildo out there.

Top Drawer Toys has engineered a game-changing example of a pleasure-dispensing sex toy that’s whisper quiet, lightweight (at under 2 pounds), and tremendously versatile. Box Rocker is the unicorn of sex toys (both literally and figuratively) because it’s got it all.  And once you get to know Box Rocker, you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life.

An Incredibly Versatile Sex Toy

With the hands-free strap included, Box Rocker can be used in any position you choose. Mount it, lay down, or walk around. Use it solo or with a partner. The Box Rocker also includes a Radio Frequency remote control that liberates you even further.

You can even use Box Rocker in the shower, due to its water-resistant design. But these features only begin to explain why Box Rocker is the best thrusting vibrator you’ll find. This versatile sex toy is so customizable, you’ll think it was created just for you!

The thrusting action of Box Rocker is adjustable up to 3.5”, with customizable vibration and thrust speed that answer your mood of the moment. The full glory of sex toy technology is realized in Box Rocker. Rich in features and customization, this is the best thrusting dildo on the market.

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Ready to Meet the Best Thrusting Vibrator?

Now that you know what a thrusting vibrator is and you’ve read about the best thrusting dildo around, get ready to meet Box Rocker, a revolution in sex toys! With Box Rocker, you have an ally at the ready, whenever the mood strikes. What’s more, Box Rocker is calibrated to your pleasure, with you choosing the settings to deliver the sensations you most ardently desire.

Top Drawer Toys is a sex toy company committed to bringing you pleasure you’ve never experienced before with the innovative Box Rocker. Explore this unique pleasure ally’s features and versatility and then, get ready to meet the best thrusting vibrator you’ll ever encounter. Here’s to your sexual health and happiness, courtesy of Box Rocker!

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