Thrusting or Vibrating – Which is Better?

If the title of this blog sounds like a laid-back discussion you might have over a cocktail or two with a friend, we’re not surprised. A cursory search of the internet reveals that many people want an answer! The truth is that thrusting sex toys and vibrating dildos have related applications that are employed in different ways.

Vibrating Dildos

Vibrating sex toys are specifically designed to deliver a vibrating function that creates pleasurable sensations, ultimately leading to orgasm. Men and women both use vibrating sex toys, which when placed on areas of the genitalia, the anus, or other erogenous zones, stimulate the nerves, resulting in the delight of erotic pleasure.

While vibrators can be used internally, and this is great news for men (due to the sensitive prostate gland, which can be stimulated via the anus), they’re far less effective for women, when inserted. The vibrations are best applied to external genital areas like the clitoris or labia.

For foreplay, vibrating sex toys are wonderful tools for couples, adding to the pleasure being shared between them. They’re also great for solo play for both sexes and all genders, adding another layer of pleasure to masturbation.

Thrusting Sex Toys

Designed to simulate the thrusting action of the penis, sex toys with a thrust function do the work for you. Instead of needing to thrust the sex toy manually, the action is achieved electronically.

And that’s the attraction! Many sex toy users want the sensation of being penetrated without needing to reproduce the action physically. So, sex toys that thrust are labor-savers, fulfilling their intended function so you don’t have to break a sweat. These toys are also ideal for those with limited mobility in the hand and arm joints, eliminating the need to grip and thrust.

The prostate gland can be stimulated with a slower, shallower thrusting action, as well as the G-spot, making thrusting sex toys a popular item with men, women, and everyone else!

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Get Them Both, With Box Rocker

There is no real competition between thrusting sex toys and vibrating dildos, as they serve related but different purposes. What’s orgasmic for one may not be for another. At Top Drawer Toys, we get that.

That’s why Box Rocker is not unlike a unicorn in the world of sex toys. Box Rocker vibrates and thrusts, at your command. With a range of settings and hands-free operation facilitated by the strap included, this versatile sex toy is made to give everyone exactly what they need.

Box Rocker has satisfied a demand in the sex toy market, delivering a wealth of features in one sleek, compact machine. Weighing under 2 pounds, this unassuming sex toy performs well beyond its diminutive size.

Individualization on Demand

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The bodies of men and women are different and so are the sexual needs of every living person. This isn’t just across biological sex, but across gender identities. Individuals of either sex or any gender are all wired for varying sexual responses to a range of stimuli. While the biological templates are largely the same, the variances in sexual response between individuals are diverse. So, while vibrating sex toys may light some people up, a thrusting dildo does the trick for others.

It’s not just biology that governs sexual response, but also the mind. Mental health is just one factor. Stress is another reality that impacts sexual response, as well as trauma, experience, overall temperament, and even physical challenges. The contributing factors to variances in sexual response are diverse, demanding a sex toy that speaks to everybody and every body.

Top Drawer Toys developed Box Rocker for this reason. In one vibrating sex toy that’s also a thrusting dildo, everybody gets what they need. With 6 vibration settings, 4 thrusting speed settings, and a stroke length that’s adjustable to between ½” and 3.5”, Box Rocker brings you the pleasure you desire, ensuring that you enjoy highly individualized sexual experiences like you’ve never had before.

An All-in-One Vibrating Sex Toy and Thrusting Dildo

No matter who you are or what turns you on, Box Rocker was developed with you in mind. Because of its incredible versatility, this sex toy covers a lot of ground, answering the needs of so many people seeking the joy of sexual health.

Everyone’s different!  That’s not news. What is news is the all-in-one vibrating sex toy and thrusting dildo, Box Rocker. For all kinds of people, Box Rocker offers a personalized magic touch, in one nightstand drawer-sized package. Discover the revolutionary Box Rocker and its multitude of features.

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