Using Sex Toys While Pregnant

Man kissing pregnant woman from behind.

The taboos around sex toys are crumbling but when it comes to masturbation with sex toys while you’re pregnant, vestigial taboos remain. Female sexual pleasure continues to be a delicate subject. And the quasi-sacred icon of the pregnant women looms large. But there’s no law, divine or otherwise, regulating the sexual conduct of pregnant women. Women are sexual beings, a fact only somewhat changed by pregnancy.

For decades, pregnant women’s sexuality was rarely discussed or researched but attitudes are changing. So, let’s talk about using sex toys while pregnant to learn the unvarnished truth about sex toys, masturbation, and pregnancy.

The Pregnant Libido

Many mothers will happily tell you that they’ve never been so sexually aroused as they were while pregnant. This effect is due to increased blood flow to support the life that’s being grown in the womb. That blood flow makes the mother’s body more sensitive in key areas like the breasts and genitalia. And so, whether people want to talk about pregnant masturbation or not, women are already doing it in response to key changes occasioned by pregnancy.

While some women feel less sexually inclined during pregnancy, due to fatigue and normal weight gain, others feel friskier than normal, often turning to pregnant masturbation. This is especially true immediately after conception, when a woman’s body is flooded with the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Then, during the second trimester, there’s another spike in libido, so be prepared, if you’re planning on becoming pregnant or you’re pregnant now. But if you’re reading this, you may already be experiencing these effects. But if you’re unsure about using with sex toys while pregnant, I hope the information here will ease your anxiety.

Talk to Your OB-Gyn

Sex during pregnancy is surrounded by cultural taboos, especially with respect to using sex toys. While pregnant, women were once culturally shrouded, which extended to the way they dressed. The “baby bump” was to be concealed by voluminous clothing. Those taboos extended to sex, with men afraid they might hurt the life growing inside their partner by engaging in intercourse. And pregnant masturbation, of course, was off the menu!

Pregnant woman in consultation with her doctor

Readers will be comforted by a 2019 study that dispelled the myth of sex inducing labor and further found no variance in outcomes for women having sex during pregnancy and those who refrained. In fact, engaging in sex was found to have no impact on premature delivery or eventual birth weight.

But always follow the direction of your OB-Gyn if your pregnancy is affected by any of the following conditions:

  • Incompetent cervix: the cervix is short (under 22 cm in length), which is a risk for early delivery
  • Spotting or bleeding 
  • Placenta previa: the placenta is covering the cervix
  • Vasa previa: the umbilical cord (full of blood vessels that feed the fetus) is too close to the cervix.

It’s also important to avoid any sexual activity, including pregnant masturbation, if your water has broken. Once this has occurred, delivery is imminent and the barrier between the uterus and the outside world is gone, leaving you and the baby-to-be vulnerable to infection, including by the introduction of sex toys. While pregnant, always be in close contact with your OB-Gyn to ensure you’re in the clear, as conditions can and will change over the 9 months of your pregnancy.

Pregnant Masturbation and the Big O

Because of increased blood flow and hormone levels, orgasms during pregnancy take on new and vibrant life. During the first trimester, women may feel nauseated most of the time or only occasionally. There may be moments when you’re raring to go, followed by moments when you’re feeling too queasy to stand up. Listen to yourself and your body. Every pregnant woman is different!

It’s during the second trimester when you’ll most likely find your sweet spot for using sex toys while pregnant. The nausea has calmed down and your body is easing into pregnancy, leaving a little room for love! At this point of pregnancy, physical sensation in erogenous zones is high and orgasm comes more easily. And your body chemistry, graced by a flood of oxytocin (the “love” hormone) is in the mood! Orgasm releases even more oxytocin, so what you’ll experience is a decidedly more powerful orgasm.

During the third trimester, women often feel sluggish, as the baby bump grows. What’s more, anxiety that the baby will soon arrive can prevent arousal. Many couples refrain during the third trimester, due to the mother-to-be’s fatigue and the cumbersome load she’s carrying. But there is no risk to the baby if the pregnancy has not been deemed high risk. And using sex toys is safe up until your water breaks too. Just keep them nice and clean!

Pregnant masturbation and the Big O are perfectly safe for women whose pregnancies are normal and can be enjoyed up to the moment the water breaks, if so desired. Discover a ready ally in the innovative Box Rocker from Top Drawer Toys, making pregnant masturbation a customized, on-demand experience!

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