Sex/Solo Play on Your Period

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Your monthly visitor is a natural, human phenomenon. The miracle of menstruation – the shedding of the womb’s lining in the absence of a fertilized egg – is a resetting of the uterus. Your womb has built up a blood-rich, cushy lining in the event of a pregnancy but when that pregnancy doesn’t occur, it starts over! 

So, sex and masturbation during your period are nothing to get anxious about. Let’s talk about it and find out why you may want sex even more than usual while menstruating and how to have sex on your period.

Ancient Superstitions

“When a woman has her regular flow of blood, the impurity of her monthly period will last seven days, and anyone who touches her will be unclean till evening.”

Leviticus 15:19

The Biblical Book of Leviticus emerged in the form we’re familiar with today sometime between 538 and 332 BCE (immediately following the end of the Iron Age). In those times, the “red tent” was an isolation ward in which menstruating women were ritually separated from the community as “the impurity of (her) monthly period” was considered “unclean” as the text describes. So, if you’ve ever encountered squeamishness from a lover about having sex on your period, now you know where that squeamishness originated well over 2,000 years ago.

Indeed, the red tent in our context died long ago and with it, the superstitious fear of humans who bleed monthly but don’t die. We no longer incarcerate menstruating women and we no longer believe their monthly issue to be “unclean” or “uncanny”. And while pockets of ignorance remain to this day, we’ve got biology now. So, here we are in the 21st Century, talking about how to have sex on your period!

Let’s explore the ins and outs of solo and coupled menstrual sex and some simple facts and realities to make surfing the crimson tide a beloved erotic bonus.

Solo Sex on Your Period: Normal!

If you feel like having a solo sex session on your period, you’re hardly alone. Many women are surprised the first time the urge arises but with your genitals hypersensitive as your pelvis is engorged with menstrual blood, it’s bound to happen eventually!

Also keep in mind that the hormonal balance of your body shifts dramatically immediately before, during, and after your period, with spikes in libido occurring before and during menstruation, for most women. So, wanting to have sex on your period is to be expected. What’s more, orgasms during your period can reduce cramping and boost your mood! Orgasms any time are a net benefit but while you’re menstruating, orgasms are little helpers that release feel-good natural hormones like oxytocin and yummy endorphins! Maybe the answer to “how to have sex on your period” is “often”!

If you’ve hesitated to masturbate during your period, try playing in the shower for minimal cleanup or confine stimulation to the clitoris. As you get bolder about period masturbation, use a sex toy or fingers for penetration, laying a towel under you and keeping wet wipes and toy cleaner nearby. How to have solo sex on your period is however you choose within your comfort zone!

Having Partnered Sex on Your Period

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First, you’ll need a willing, non-squeamish partner. Once that’s taken care of, getting jiggy while you’re menstruating is not that big a deal! It’s a simple matter of being prepared for any contingencies that may arise.

Those contingencies are real, so how to have sex during a period is by gathering together some essentials:

  • While there’s only a slight chance of pregnancy during your period, use a condom or dental dam (for the advanced period sex enthusiast). STIs can still be transmitted. Additionally, partners can contact hepatitis through menstrual blood, so a condom or dental dam protects lovers too. 
  • Lay a large towel in a dark color on the bed to catch any stray blood.
  • Keep sanitary towelettes close by for quick cleanups.

With these necessary items prepared, you’re good to go. There’s absolutely no reason not to have sex on your period, partnered or solo. Far from unclean, the menstrual cycle is one of the reasons the human animal can reproduce and a natural miracle that should be celebrated, not feared and enjoyed, not dreaded

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