The Elusive G-Spot Orgasm

Female sex organs are a mystery to some people, with one faction even saying that the G-Spot orgasm (vaginal as opposed to clitoral) isn’t a “real thing” because the G-Spot doesn’t exist. But at Top Drawer Toys, we’re believers in anatomy! So, this post discusses what the G-Spot is, the G-Spot location, and what to do with the G-Spot when you find it.

The G-Spot is named for Dr. Grafenberg, who in 1944 first researched what is often said to be the Skene glands. While Graffenberg was the first to posit its existence, the G-Spot would not be named for him until 1981. But in 2005, the Australian urologist Helen O’Connell led a team of researchers in a study that ascribed the G-Spot orgasm to the presence of clitoral soft tissue inside the vagina’s walls.

It’s clear that the G-Spot location has been the subject of scientific interest for some time, but researchers continue to offer conflicting (if parallel) responses to what the G-Spot is and is not. At Top Drawer Toys, we know that understanding our lovers’ bodies and our own is the root of good sex and sexual health, so we hope this post will help clarify some of the existing information online about the G-Spot and G-Spot orgasm.

Tracking the G-Spot Location

Referred to by some doctors and scientists as the “female prostate”, the Skene glands are  obscure, poorly understood structures in female genitalia. Understood to be responsible for ejaculate released during a G-Spot orgasm, Skene glands are also responsible for producing vaginal self-lubricant and protecting urinary tract health. Consisting of the same cells as those of the male prostate, the Skene glands are thought to be either the actual G-Spot or at least implicated in its function, depending on the source.

Add to the Skene glands the presence of clitoral tissue adjacent to the vaginal walls and a picture begins to form of the complexity of pleasure centers in the female anatomy. So where are these points of toe-curling, orgasmic pleasure?

Is the G-Spot Really a Collaboration?

Near where the urethra ends is where the Skene glands in the front wall of the vagina are located. And what about that clitoral tissue? It’s not far away! Diagrams that you may have seen of the clitoris fail to convey its complexities, as the structure of this tissue is multiplanar. There’s way more to it than many know.

The clitoris is 3D, and the part you can see is just the tip of the iceberg. Extending down the inner labia and across the pubic mound, the clitoris (as the study cited above shows) extends into the anterior (front) wall of the vagina. The G-Spot location, said to be between 2 and 3 inches from the vaginal opening, seems suspiciously like a collaboration between the Skene glands and clitoral soft tissue.

These two anatomical factors are neighbors, living on the block said to be home to G-Spot orgasms. This is universally agreed on. Because of that, vaginal orgasms may simply result from the convergence of high nerve density from more than one source but especially from clitoral soft tissue.

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Romancing the G-Spot

Whether there’s a clearly defined G-Spot location and whether the G-Spot even exists is less important than the G-Spot Orgasm itself. It should be pointed out that all orgasms are worthy, regardless of where they come from, but not everyone’s orgasm is tied to intercourse. In fact, that’s the case for most women. Clitoral stimulation is most often the key.

But now that you know about the Skene glands and the nerve-rich clitoral soft tissue in the front wall of the vagina, isn’t it more likely that you’re ready, either solo or with a partner, to explore the alleged mysteries of the G-Spot?

You can start with your hands, exploring the area close to the vaginal opening as described above. The pads of your fingers will be against the front (top) vaginal wall. Because both the Skene glands and the upper reaches of clitoral soft tissue are under that wall, explore responses by applying gentle pressure, gliding your fingers up and down in that small landing strip commonly identified as the G-Spot location. Remember to use lube. It’ll buy you some additional exploration time!

If you’re performing these explorations solo, you can share your findings with your partner, encouraging them to build on your newly-acquired knowledge. You can even show them where the G-Spot is as part of the fun!

But once you’ve discovered the Secret of the Lost G-Spot, you’ll probably want to revisit your accomplishment often. For that purpose, a vibrator is a great facilitator of vaginal orgasm on demand.

Your Partner in G-Spot Orgasm

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Box Rocker – G-Spot Orgasm Master

Top Drawer Toys is proud to introduce you to the innovative, features-rich Box Rocker. And while the scientific jury may still be out on the G-Spot location, it doesn’t hurt to perform our own, informal studies, does it?

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