Let’s Talk Oral Play: Our Oral Sex Guide

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There’s nothing quite like oral play. Deeply intimate, it’s a side of sex that most of us adore. But no one’s born knowing how to give oral pleasure! It’s a skill that must be learned.

And that’s why we’re talking about oral play in this post. At Top Drawer Toys, we know that oral sex is a profound sexual practice that deserves as much time and attention as any other. So, we’ve put together this brief oral sex guide to shepherd you toward the best oral sex you’ll ever have.

Oral Pleasure Isn’t For Everybody

Not everyone enjoys oral sex or will consent to it. If that’s the case for you, you should talk to potential partners about it before any sex occurs. Because this oral sex guide is for everybody, those who aren’t fans of oral pleasure must be included as well. There’s nothing wrong with them. It’s just not their thing and there are plenty of good reasons that might be the case.

Sex has many faces and expressions. From a simple repertoire of recognized sexual activities, a many-faceted jewel of human expression has grown. There’s no shame or dysfunction in liking or disliking specific sexual activities. We all have our preferences and personalities and these must be respected. When you respect someone’s sexual boundaries, you affirm their humanity and there’s nothing more sexually healthy than that.

A Mini-Guide For Oral Sex Enthusiasts

As I’ve just mentioned, some people don’t care for oral pleasure. Others can’t get enough of it. If you’re one of these oral sex enthusiasts, preferring oral sex to penetrative, then don’t keep it to yourself. Let your partner know! 

But remember, there must be balance in all things, especially when it comes to knocking those boots! Balance ensures that everyone involved gets what they came for: orgasms all around and doubles, if possible. If there’s one takeaway in this mini-guide for oral sex enthusiasts, it’s finding that balance.

Some partners may find the revelation that you want more frequent oral sex intimidating. They’ve set a high standard and now, they must maintain it! Make it fun. Oral pleasure is about surprises, new moves, new positions, and new heights of ecstasy. And those can only be reached via mutual communication. So, while you’re being a freak for oral, be even freakier when talking to your partner about what you need, want, and can’t wait to try!

Let’s Talk About Talking

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A huge part of sexual health is being able to express mutual needs and preferences with your partner. Without this crucial component of sexual interface, what are you doing? You’re having sex. But is it the sex you want? Is it everything it could be? The aim of this oral sex guide is to recognize that the glories of oral sex are to be enjoyed at their abundant best with open, ongoing communication.

Just because you know which body part to put your mouth on doesn’t imply that you have any insight into the oral pleasure preferences of your partner. As with any other aspect of sex, that information is the basis of mutual ecstasy, both given and received. So spend some time talking about what’s going on with you “down there” and what needs to happen to make it even better!

There is no cut-and-dried “move” guaranteed to send every living person with male or female genitalia into orbit. Everyone is different. If you’re already coupled you know something about your lover. But if you haven’t talked about working up a friendly guide to your respective oral sex preferences, you don’t know enough.

Guided Oral Pleasure

The best way to talk about oral sex is while you’re in the thick of it. Be sneaky about it. Warn your lover there will be a guided tour of your genital hot spots during the oral sex segment of your session as you seduce them.

Take care to keep your devious little tour lighthearted and sexy. Guiding your lover can too easily be perceived as criticism and that’s not going to get you anywhere! Make your tour adventurous. Maybe add some food to your oral play to keep things as merry and non-threatening as possible. And by all means, encourage your lover to return the favor! You’ll both learn so much.

This wouldn’t be an oral sex guide worthy of its name if I didn’t remind you that STIs are just as transmissible orally as they are genitally. Use those condoms and dental dams, loving each other safely and respectfully! 

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