4 Ways to Make Sex Last Longer

Want to hear something sad? Most sex lasts only 5.4 minutes in long-term, stable relationships. And when the average female body takes a good 20 minutes to reach orgasm, that’s sadder than the ice cream in your cone hitting the sidewalk! Knowing how to make sex last longer keeps the ice cream in your cone and your sex life happy!

Too often, sex is perfunctory and rushed. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Top Drawer Toys offers this blog post to discuss the matter honestly and to help you learn how to make sex last longer. Please keep an open mind as you read. We’ll be talking about some factors you may not have considered before and they may surprise you.

“Quickies” can be fun but the quickie isn’t a staple of a healthy sex life. Sex that takes its time is satisfying sex in which two people connect on both the physical and spiritual levels. “Slow food” sex is the gold standard, elevating intimacy to the level of transcendence. Let’s look at 4 ways to enjoy longer-lasting sex.

  • Limit Pornography Usage

Some of you don’t want to hear this but pornography can put a serious damper on your real-life sexual encounters. Viewing pornography while masturbating disassociates the mind from the body. Because you’re viewing other people having sex, your mind is not on your sexual response and how it works. You are being externally stimulated by imagery and aren’t alive to what your body’s telling you. When you know how to stay centered in your body and its signals, especially while masturbating, you’re actually researching how to make sex last longer!

Connecting with your body is key to understanding it, especially for knowing when orgasm is imminent. Pornography’s dissociative effect should be avoided if you’re finding yourself similarly dissociating from your body during real-life sexual encounters or having difficulty maintaining an erection or lubrication. Limiting your use of pornography is one way to have longer-lasting sex.

  • Limit Masturbation

Coupled relationships don’t mean you shouldn’t masturbate. Most people masturbate coupled or not. But masturbating habitually and perhaps compulsively can rob your partner of the longer-lasting sex you should be having with them, instead of yourself.

If you find that you’re disinterested in sex or that you’re simply unable to engage sexually, you may need to cut back on your solo fun. Sex is a huge part of a romantic relationship. So, by all means masturbate – just not to the point that masturbation impacts either your willingness or ability to engage. Masturbation can certainly teach you about your personal sexual response and how to make sex last longer. But too much of a good thing can put a damper on coupled sex.

  • Longer-Lasting Sex With Communication

Communication is the basis of an enduringly satisfying sex life. Without communication, you’re just two bodies siloed in personal pleasure, not relating to each other as well as you could. Open communication allows lovers to share their physical realities with each other

The sexiest four-letter word in the English language is “talk”. How to make sex last longer starts with trusting each other enough to openly share your sexual desires before, during, and after sex. When you’re deeply engaged with your lover, you’re communicating through the senses but you’re also talking about where you are in the pleasure cycle. 

Be clear and forthright about how close you are to orgasm. Communicate when you need to step back for a minute to avoid early orgasm. Let your lover know when you’re ready to blow! Say it! Don’t expect your partner to read your mind because that’s for TV infomercial psychics, not lovers! Communication is a leading tool for enjoying longer-lasting sex.

  • Approach Sex as “Play”
Couple playing in the shower & talking about how to make sex last longer

Sex should be fun! So communicate about that aspect of your sexy time together, too. Are you having fun? Is there enough foreplay, build-up, teasing, experimentation? All these aspects of sex play are part of how to make sex last longer. And Box Rocker can help with that!

Box Rocker is a revolutionary, feature-rich sex toy that puts you in charge. Choose your vibration mode, thrust length, and speed to experience pleasure like never before. With the handy remote control, you can set it and go to town, or change settings at will. Use the hands-free strap to strap on your playmate. And water-resistant Box Rocker loves a little shower time fun! The versatile Box Rocker is Top Drawer Toys’ top tip for how to make sex last longer! Discover a revolution in sex toys, with Box Rocker!

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