Fun With Food and Sex!

Two men sitting on the grass, enjoying a flirtatious snack together.

Sensuality makes sex so much richer and deeper. So imagine inviting food into the bedroom as your sexy time guest star. A natural fit, sex and food were made to be enjoyed together, adding flavor, texture, and adventure to your sexy interludes. They’re sensual bedfellows!

Before you whip down to the corner store for a package of pepperoni sticks, let’s give the menu for food play in the bedroom a little careful thought. Because when it comes to sex, some foods are more equal to sensual undertakings than others. So, let’s talk about having a bit of sensual fun with food. Let’s find out about some sexy food stalwarts to get you started and about why the heck food and sex are so good together!

Food and Sex – the Scent of Pleasure

Did you know that most of what you taste is mediated by your nose? In fact, what you taste is 85% attributable to your sense of smell. And while the other 4 senses are managed by the thalamus, smell is managed by olfactory neurons.

Our enjoyment of food begins with the scent of it, just as our enjoyment of many things does. Rain at the end of a hot day has a unique scent – metallic and warm. Connected by that scent, we may remember long-forgotten events. 

That’s the power of scent, directly relating food and sex in the human mind. Food brings us pleasure. Sex brings us pleasure. Uniting those twin pleasures is our sense of smell. So, food play in the bedroom should take into account scent as well as qualities like scent’s “baby”, flavor and certainly, texture, when choosing culinary guest stars!

Let’s Get Some Groceries!

I don’t doubt for one minute that you’ve all had a crack at busting out the whipped cream-in-a-can for a little flirtation with food and sex. And sure that can be a lot of fun (even with the nitrous oxide thingy, one supposes). But you can do better with foods that have more texture, scent, and flavor!

As I said above, not all foods are equal to the task of enhancing your sensual experience. For example, Top Drawer Toys doesn’t recommend sardines, olive tapenade, or Vegemite (a strictly Australian sexy time phenomenon) for reasons we hope are clear.

Rather, we recommend the following, a jolly mixture of healthy and naughty selections (because choice is beautiful) for food play in the bedroom:

  • Nutella: The rich hazelnut sweetness of Nutella cries out to be creatively doodled onto your lover’s body. Paint that delightful frame using a spoon. Create beautiful patterns or write the lyrics to your favorite love song, then lick it all off! Yum, yum!
  • Strawberries: You can’t really doodle with strawberries unless they’re already jam. Instead, stand a bowl filled with strawberries on your nightstand. Some strawberries will be sliced to gently feed to your lover or eat from their body parts. Others will be whole. So, keep that lube handy!
  • Ice cream: The surprise of frosty cold ice cream being introduced to exposed skin is uniquely erotic, especially when it’s expertly and lasciviously nibbled off before it can fully melt. Take turns driving each other crazy with sensation!
  • Chocolate pudding: The consistency and stickiness of chocolate pudding makes it a great candidate for prolonged food and sex sessions. Surrender to the chocolatey decadence just as your lover has, wrapped in its velvety embrace!
  • Mangoes: Let’s face it, mangoes even look sexy. With an enviable nutritional content, these babies smell like the Tropics they grow in, rich and luscious. With a flesh that’s silkily soft and juicy, mangoes for food play in the bedroom are a heaven-sent secret weapon. 
Three piping tubes with metal tips filled with dark, milk, and white chocolate icing.

Food and Sex and Your New BFF, Box Rocker

Feeling hungry? That’s a good thing. And once you get rolling with food play in the bedroom, you’ll have plenty of fun foods to add to Top Drawer Toys’ list of favorites above. But you may need a hand because you’re juggling food now. Box Rocker to the rescue!

With Box Rocker’s hands-free strap, your hands are liberated to sling berries, pudding, or whatever seems equal to your sexual agenda. Meanwhile, your partner can hold the remote! Box Rocker is a features-rich sex toy that crosses the thrusting action of a sex machine with the good vibrations of a vibrator. 

And it’s all customizable to your desires. From thrust speed and depth to vibration and position, you’re in charge of the action. With Box Rocker’s whisper-quiet operation, your sexual hijinx are strictly your business! And water-resistant Box Rocker loves the shower, so have some fun while you’re rinsing off those vestigial traces of Nutella.

Solo or coupled, Box Rocker dispenses pleasure like you’ve never experienced before, freeing you to chow down on each other and whatever else is on the menu! Meet your new BFF, standing ready to free your hot little hands for food and sex fun!

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