The Future of Sex Toys (Clue: It’s Bright!)

There’s a new breakthrough in sex technology almost every day. There continues to be an incredible amount of innovative energy in the sector, with new ideas continually presenting themselves and, over time, becoming pleasurably accessible to you fine people. 

So, just when you thought you knew everything there was to know on the subject, Top Drawer Toys is here to prove you wrong. This blog about future sex toys explores some breaking news, revealing that the future of sex toys is brighter than ever.

Digisexuality – the New Sex Technology

On the leading edge of sex technology in the 21st Century is digisexuaity. Digital sexuality brings virtual reality and yes, robots, to the party. Immersive masturbation experiences are now at the pinnacle of technological advances in future sex toys. And for some, robots represent the fullness of the term “digisexuality”

Digital sexuality’s first wave – online dating and other sexually-oriented communication online, including cams and numerous interactive spaces – has changed the way many of us conceptualize sex. There is a profound effect on human sexuality arising from the first wave of digisexuality which informs and shapes the second. Humans are moving beyond physical boundaries to a virtual space in which the individual is their own sexually autonomous funhouse.

But for those who desire the presence of an “other”, the sex robot is now a reality, offering automated companionship for the sexually semi-autonomous. At present, these robots lack a certain humanity, making them somewhat disconcerting sex partners for many. They’re also insanely expensive, so beyond most people’s reach.

Combined with modern realities like our increasingly remote work situations and lifestyles, the new sex technology satisfies a need in a greatly changed sexual marketplace. Virtual reality offers intense, immersive sexual experiences beyond what we’d ever dreamed possible, with future sex toys’ development driven by changing social and global technological realities. 

Oral Sex Technology

Whether you’re talking about fellatio or cunnilingus, the future of sex toys most certainly involves innovations in oral sex delivery. While the vibrator has always provided reliable clitoral stimulation and the pleasure sleeve, a guaranteed orgasm, new technologies are pushing technologically driven oral sex boundaries.

Woman seductively eating frosting

Sex toys that replicate the sensation of being licked or sucked are some of the most pleasing future sex toys, ideal for use with or without virtual reality or a partner. If it’s on-demand oral sex you crave, the market is now replete with sex helpers that get you there in a very realistic way.

And sucking isn’t just for the penis anymore, with toys made to mimic sucking. Some of these implicate the vulva and not just the clitoris. Other oral toys mimic the action of a human tongue, simulating oral sex to an almost addictive degree!

Whisper Quiet, Versatile Sex Technology

If you’ve believed that sex machines were too big and noisy to be any practical fun, then Top Drawer Toys has news for you. The Box Rocker is an innovative new sex toy living in the space between sex machines and dildos. Among future sex toys, Box Rocker stands tall!

Whisper quiet, Box Rocker’s magic is in its wealth of settings, allowing you to get exactly what you want, when you want it. You control thrusting speed and length of stroke. You choose your ideal vibe. With its included hands-free strap, Box Rocker can be strapped on for a uniquely rewarding sexual experience. You can even enjoy Box Rocker in the shower! And it comes with its own remote control, making your sexual explorations even more joyfully free and imaginative.

Use it on your own to maintain robust sexual health or with a friend for a completely different kind of play. Top Drawer Toys makes Box Rocker for all kinds of people. Human beings are sexually diverse, so Box Rocker ensures you get the nuanced experience you desire, customized to your unique appetites.

Program the orgasm of your dreams for the best sex you’ve ever had, then repeat the experience as often as you like. That’s the beauty of Box Rocker. This innovative pleasure aid delivers on-demand orgasms calibrated to your one-of-a-kind sexuality, making it a breakthrough in sex technology.

Future Sex Toys Now

The future of sex toys has something for everyone, whether you’re sexually autonomous, semi-autonomous, or partnered. And the good news is, it’s all exciting, libidinous fun. Top Drawer Toys would like to make Box Rocker an important part of your sexual health regimen, offering you a ready, willing, on-demand source of thundering orgasms.

White robot looks up into camera lens

Find out more about Box Rocker and its wealth of customizable features, then get to know the pinnacle of personalized sex technology up close and personal! Feel free to reach out with your questions.

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