Different Types of Dildos (and What They Do)

In case you thought that adult toys were something new under the sun, you should know that they’ve been around for about 28,000 years. Apparently, human beings have always found innovative ways to enjoy sexual pleasure. Today, the sex toy market is flooded with numerous dildo types, appealing to every taste and fantasy under the sun.

In this post, we’ll do an inventory of some of the major categories of sex toys and talk about what they’re designed to do!

Different Types of Dildos – the Basics

There is a virtual universe of dildo types, available in all shapes and sizes, devised to fulfill many distinct purposes. Vibrators were just the beginning! From the vibrating variation arose the double dildo, sex toys with curved tips to stimulate the P and G-spots, and dildos so realistic, they take your breath away. There are also thrusting sex toys and sex machines. Let’s see what these variations on the classic, traditional dildo do.


Of all the sex toys out there, the vibrator is the classic. The advent of the vibrating dildo added new sexual pleasure variants, opening the floodgates to even more different types of dildos. Not just for insertion like the traditional prototype, the vibrator can be employed to generate a variety of pleasurable sensations on various parts of the body externally, as well as internally, during partnered sex or for solo play.

Made to Pack

The packing dildo is, in truth, a lifelike replica of a penis in repose, complete with scrotum. This is probably one of the dildo’s latest innovations, translating the sexual intent of the original into an indentity-affirming prosthetic. A humanist application among the dildo types, the packing variety eases body dysphoria while affirming the wearer’s identity.

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The double-headed dildo may be used for three distinct purposes. The first is to be shared by two women for simultaneous penetration. The second is for the purpose of solo play, penetrating both the anus and vagina at the same time. The third purpose is the simultaneous penetration of two men with a U-shaped toy specifically created for anal play. There are two different types of dildos with dual heads – one U-shaped and the other, straight.

P and G-Spot

Distinguished by a specialized curve in the shaft of the toy, these internally stimulating sex toys address the P-Spot (the prostate gland in men) and G-Spot (Grafenberg, named for the doctor who identified the G-Spot in women). With their unique shape, P and G-spot dildo types are designed to stimulate these internal orgasm generators, providing another path to orgasm.


In recent years, great strides have been made in sex toy tech, adding life-like realism to the different types of dildos. Advances in new materials have allowed the creation of ultra-realistic penis facsimiles. With carefully crafted, bulging veins and scrotum, the true-to-life sex toy is a work of art that pleases the sensibilities of those who prefer the look and feel of the real thing.

Thrusting Toys and Sex Machines

The thrusting sex toy allows the user to lay back and let it do all the work. This function not only saves energy for those who like their sexual experiences laid back, but is a tremendous help for those with hand and arm mobility challenges. Sex machines are somewhat more on the extreme end of sex toys. Elaborate structures with a thrusting mechanism simulate penetrative sex, with these large-scale, costly dildo types primarily being used in BDSM play.

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