Automatic Self-Thrust

Have It Your Way

Box Rocker is the self-thrusting dildo that’s always ready to rock your world. With a thrust that penetrates up to 3.5”, Box Rocker’s thrusting feature is customizable to precisely the depth you desire. The radio frequency remote control included with this automatic dildo machine puts the ball in your court, giving you control over the action.

And with Box Rocker, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Lie down, stand up, walk around, or give it to a partner. Box Rocker is designed to answer your whims, with on-demand penetration the way you like it.

Engineered for Your Pleasure

The Box Rocker offers versatility to suit everyone’s needs. We’re all unique, so Box Rocker brings you a huge range of customization.

This self-thrusting dildo allows you to set the thrusting depth, resulting in an experience that’s calibrated to your desires. With the 4-button remote, your desires are fulfilled in exactly the way you please. And with a 2.5 battery life, you’ll have plenty of time to experiment and play. Engineered for your pleasure, Box Rocker is the sex toy you’ve been dreaming of!

On Time, All the Time

Box Rocker is always there to rock your world the right way. Day and night, this automatic dildo machine delivers the orgasms that you could only dream about until now. Because the folks at Top Drawer Toys believe that everyone has the right to sexual health, we developed this amazing toy, promoting overall wellness through the joy of sexual satisfaction.

The revolutionary Box Rocker is the self-thrusting dildo you’ve been waiting for. With optimal versatility, Box Rocker finds a place in every sexual lifestyle and gender identity, imparting orgasmic delight everywhere it goes. Top Drawer Toys invites you to explore the Box Rocker and its remarkable features. Stay tuned for Bluetooth functionality!