At Top Drawer Toys, we know that your sex life is a private matter and not the postman’s, the neighbors’, or anyone else’s. For that reason, we bring you shipping that doesn’t let on what’s in the package. With Toy Drawer Toys’ discreet shipping, sex toys stay under wraps, invisible to prying eyes.

Discretion You Can Count On

For your privacy, we ensure that each shipment is indistinguishable from a book, a blender, or a t-shirt. Toy Drawer Toys safeguards your privacy with a shipping policy that puts you first.

Our mission is to promote the happiness of sexual satisfaction. We’ve created the revolutionary, hands-free Box Rocker with your total pleasure in mind. Sexual health is everyone’s right and with Top Drawer Toys’ discreet shipping, sex toys shipped to you are your business.

With Our Discreet Shipping, Sex Toys are Private

Whether you’re a woman, a man, or otherwise identified, Top Drawer Toys believes in your right to privacy. This right is implicit in the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 9th Amendments to the US Constitution and enshrined in the constitutional instruments of nations around the world to protect individual privacy, a concept we uphold.

A Revolution in Adult Solo Play

Top Drawer Toys is the home of Box Rocker, a revolution in sex toys. This innovative pleasure ally is the middle ground between conventional sex toys and sex machines, offering hands-free play, adjustable speed, thrust, and vibration, and a wealth of features in a simple, compact design.

Enjoy browsing our site and remember that with our discreet shipping, sex toys are just another package landing on your doorstep. With your privacy protected, you can enjoy the Box Rocker and sex like you’ve never had before, with total discretion. Get empowered, with the revolutionary Box Rocker from Top Drawer Toys!