The Mystique Behind the Female Orgasm – Key Facts

If you’re learning about the female orgasm because you want to be a better lover, then you deserve a shout-out. You are GGG (Good, Giving, and Game) and thus, already a better lover for knowing you have something to learn! The first step toward learning more about female orgasms is understanding that asking “what is a female orgasm” is your road to sexual fulfillment. It’s that important. So let’s get started on busting the mystique behind the female orgasm with some facts!

  • The clitoris is the only organ on the human body, male or female, that exists solely for the sake of sexual pleasure
  • The glans of the clitoris (the little nub at the top of the labia or “lips”) has between 8,000 and 10,000 nerve endings.
  • The female orgasm may last between 20 seconds and 2 minutes.
  • Orgasm may be achieved vaginally via stimulation of a convergence of several nerve-rich structures (including the clitoris), found about 2.5 inches inside the vagina, in the anterior (front) wall
  • A female orgasm may require 20 minutes or more of targeted stimulation.

What is a Female Orgasm – The Mechanics

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Most readers will know, superficially, what happens when a woman experiences orgasm. Her breath comes more rapidly, her muscles contract, she makes some interesting noises, and may even climb the nearest wall. But what about the actual mechanics? What are the female orgasm facts driving the process?

Based on the Four Phase Model of Human Sexual Response by Masters and Johnson, the following physical processes occur during female orgasm:

  • Arousal: Genital blood vessels dilate to allow increased blood blow. This causes vaginal fluid to be released. The vulva becomes engorged and wet with this fluid. The top of the vagina expands. Breathing and heart rate increase. 
  • Peak Arousal: Peak blood flow to the vagina is accomplished. The opening of the vagina hardens. Blood flow to the areola causes nipples to soften from an erect state. The clitoris recedes and pushes back against the pubis.
  • Orgasm: The muscles of the genitalia contract, with contractions occurring at a rate of one every 0.8 seconds. For women, there is no recovery period. Further orgasms are immediately possible with continued attention to the area.
  • Resolution: Following orgasm, the body returns to standard function. The pulse slows blood flow normalizes.

One of our top orgasm facts is that human orgasm is an intensely complex event in the body, calling on major systems to spring into action in response to sexual arousal. Of course, that means any human orgasm. But with no recovery period, the female orgasm stays in the ring for round after round.

What Is a Female Orgasm But a Source of Overall Wellness?

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There is nothing more satisfying than an orgasm and as we’ve read, the elevation of your breathing, heart rate and blood flow occurs as part of the fun. Don’t tell me that’s not good for you! In fact, the female orgasm has numerous health benefits. Get a load of these orgasm facts:

  • Orgasms reduce stress
  • Orgasms improve your skin (with regular orgasmic interludes)
  • Orgasms improve sleep
  • Regular orgasms strengthen pelvic floor muscles and improve mobility

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